Photo: Brandon Kari Productions

Their engagement news graced us in March

It’s official! Jackson Bates steps into a world of wedded bliss!

On a serene Saturday afternoon at the enchanting Bramble Tree Estates in Sorrento, Florida, 21-year-old Jackson and Emerson Wells, 20, exchanged vows and began their journey as a married couple.

Marking the twelfth union amongst the Bates’ siblings, the outdoor extravaganza, beautifully orchestrated by the seasoned Kim Nafziger, was nothing short of magical. Kim, with her gifted touch, had previously woven magic into every Bates wedding.

Their chosen words of commitment, self-penned vows, were solemnized under the watchful eyes and blessings of Gil Bates, Jackson’s father, and Jono Contestable, Emerson’s brother-in-law.

A New Chapter Unfolds
Photo: Brandon Kari Productions

Amongst the entourage gracing the occasion were Wells’ sister, Kenzie Contestable, the matron of honor, and Jackson’s brother, Warden Bates, the best man. Their siblings, too, adorned the ceremony with their presence, illuminating the aura with familial warmth.

Back in March, social media buzzed with excitement as the pair unveiled their engagement. Their shared Instagram post echoing the joyous proclamation, “SHE SAID ‘YES!’ The journey to ‘I DO’ is a dream unfolding.”

On this notable day, Emerson, radiant and graceful, held a bouquet of baby’s breath and white roses, a creation tenderly crafted by her brother, Hunter Wells.

Chapter Unfolds Jackson Bates Ties
Photo: Brandon Kari Productions

A feast for the senses, the guests indulged in the culinary delights presented by Smoke on the Mountain Caterers. Their signature smoked chuck roast, accompanied by red skin garlic mashed potatoes, southern-style green beans, and freshly baked yeast rolls, left everyone in awe. And as the Florida sun beamed, a Ritter’s frozen custard truck added a refreshing touch to the dessert course.

Jackson, awash with emotion, “The universe aligned the stars when Emerson walked into my life. Every moment with her is a reminder of the serendipity of our union.”

Overwhelmed with sentiment, he added, “Each tear is a testament to the abundance of blessings showered upon us. We’re not just partners; we’re testimonies of love, supported by the incredible family and friends who stand with us today.”

Emerson, a dental assistant, radiated joy, “Nerves? None. Today isn’t about the seamless flow of events. It’s a celebration of a dream, a narrative of love unfolding. Amidst all the cheers and smiles, I stand, the luckiest girl, living her fairy tale.”

Their story is not just an exchange of vows but a testament to love, family, and the beginning of an exciting new chapter, painted with the hues of love, faith, and unyielding support. The narrative of Jackson and Emerson isn’t just a tale told but a live canvas of love, ever-evolving, ever-inspiring.