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“The transformation of our workspace felt like a tangible testament to our journey,” reveals the “Who Says” songstress on the unveiling of her makeup brand’s revamped hub.

Step inside the enchanting realms of Selena Gomez’s newly reinvented Rare Beauty headquarters! A space where creativity, inclusivity, and innovation blend seamlessly, crafting an ambiance that’s as inspirational as it is functional.

In an intimate conversation with Architectural Digest, the “Single Soon” artist delves deep into the overwhelming emotion that swept over her upon witnessing the completed metamorphosis of the office.

“Witnessing the new office for the first time was a surreal experience,” Gomez confesses. “Having never owned an office before, seeing this space was a pivotal moment that made our long-standing efforts profoundly tangible.”

Founded in the crucible of 2020, Rare Beauty blossomed amidst a global pandemic, with the refurbishing of their office space taking a backseat amidst the world’s unfolding events.

A Peek Inside Selena Gomezs Revamped Rare Beauty
Photo: Ad / Flannery Underwood

Fast forward three years, and the brand’s team is nestled in a realm of creativity and innovation, with every corner echoing the aesthetic brilliance of designer Kelsey Fischer from Havenly. Imagine a staircase, each step painted in the alluring hues of Soft Pinch Liquid Blushes, or the elegant mauve curtains that grace Gomez’s sanctuary of creativity, mirroring the brand’s ethos of warmth and welcome.

Every design element, meticulously curated, not only amplifies aesthetic appeal but is instilled with a deeper purpose – fostering community and mental well-being, elements close to Gomez’s heart.

“Our office isn’t just a physical space; it’s a sanctuary where each individual is encouraged to embrace mental and emotional well-being. Our initiatives, ranging from meditation and breath work sessions to community events, are testament to this commitment,” shares Gomez.

A Peek Inside Selena Gomezs
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Earlier this month, the “Lose You to Love Me” vocalist shared insights with a media outlet about the profound influence Rare Beauty, a brand striving to dismantle conventional beauty norms, has had on her personal journey.

“There’s a profound connection that emerges when you’re enveloped in stories that echo your own struggles and triumphs. Rare Beauty has been that nexus of connection for me, and it’s my aspiration that others too, find solace and strength here,” Gomez expresses.

An extension of this commitment is The Rare Impact Fund, birthed in 2020 with the ambitious vision of amassing $100 million over a decade. A vision aimed at democratizing access to mental health resources and education for the younger generation. Every purchase from Rare Beauty contributes to this echoing legacy of impact and transformation.