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And guess what? Foo Fighters serenaded the evening!

Guess who rocked Saturday Night Live this weekend? Nate Bargatze!

At 44, this comedic maestro finally graced the SNL stage for the very first time, lighting up the third episode of its 49th season. Oh, and did I mention he had the legendary Foo Fighters accompanying him for a musical treat?

Dive into Nate’s opening act, where he spun a yarn about his magician dad’s 1980s performances at county fairs. Yep, the one with the diving (or should I say plummeting?) donkey. PETA was not a fan. “You can’t really advertise ‘Come watch a donkey freefall’ now, can you?” laughed Bargatze.

He then rolled into this hilarious bit about his mom mistaking someone else’s house for his and, wait for it, chatting with the stranger homeowner for a good half hour! “Imagine me, scrambling to find both my daughter and lost mom!” he quipped.

Nate then donned the hat of George Washington from 1774 in a skit. And in a twist of irony, he bested Ego Nwodim’s chef in a soul food showdown on TV. Our guest of honor? Padma Lakshmi herself, handing out the rewards.

A Splashy SNL Debut for Nate Bargatze with a Dash of Walken
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Rocking the night away were Foo Fighters – that ensemble with Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett, Pat Smear, Rami Jaffee, and Josh Freese. Introduced by none other than Halloween’s spirit (or was that Christopher Walken?), they performed a soulful “Rescued”, then later belted out “The Glass” with H.E.R.

Grohl pulled a fast one, seemingly playing a doctor in a sketch about a plane childbirth. Except, twist – it’s just a Halloween outfit. Talk about a flight of fancy!

This week’s Weekend Update saw Colin Jost and Michael Che jab at Mike Johnson’s new role and Cohen’s testimony against Trump. And a cheeky nod to Pence’s decision to drop his presidential dreams, with Jost quipping, “Even God was like, ‘Mike, it’s a no from me.'”

A Splashy SNL Debut for Nate Bargatze
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Teasing his SNL appearance, Bargatze, who’s knee-deep in his “The Be Funny Tour”, chatted with SNL regulars Devon Walker and Andrew Dismukes. The conversation? Whether this clean-comic is really just a “nice guy”. But then, Chloe Troast hands him a coffee, and what does he do? Shatters it and goes on a Studio 8H rampage! Talk about flipping the script!

Rewinding, the week before witnessed Bad Bunny pulling double shifts as host and performer. And before that, it was Pete Davison’s turn with Ice Spice dropping the beats.

Ready for more? Circle Nov. 11 on your calendar! SNL’s got Timothée Chalamet hosting, and Boygenius setting the musical vibe.