The www aka ms your phone qrc best Phone Supportive Application For Windows

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Utilizing Your Phone, you may connect your Windows to your Android devices. Everything a casual user might need, including responding to messages from the system and managing printers, is available in the package. 

Utilizing www, also known as the ms yourpc and ms yourpc, which we’ll go over in detail in this article, you can manage all the mobile apps you use through your computer. 

Using only one application, the Windows Phone App, you can access all your notifications, message galleries, and other applications from the comfort of your Windows PC.

What You Need to Connect Your Phone to a Windows Computer

If you’re concerned about the hardware on your phone, don’t be. The Android application isn’t the only factor you’ll need to start connecting.

1. Your Phone Companion App

This application is needed to connect your Windows apps to Android devices. If you don’t have this application installed on your Android phone, don’t fret and just go to The official App for Phone Attendant page on Google Play Store! Google Play Store is going to show up once you hit this.

2. Internet and Wi-Fi 

Both devices must connect to a speedy and reliable network.

Download the Your Phone app for Windows.

Your Android device and, to some extent, your personal computer will require Bluetooth connectivity.

If your computer does not come with Bluetooth, it will need to wait until you can get a Bluetooth adaptor or like it.

How to Connect Android to

The app for your phone is glitch and is known to have the habit of losing your connection as soon as you get used to relying on it. But Microsoft will update it shortly. You can now follow these steps to connect your Android phone to a Windows computer.

  • Get the Your Phone Companion app from the App Store, and then connect it to the Windows app on your phone by visiting
  • After that, you must log into the program with the same Microsoft account you used to access your computer. You must be registered to your account on your computer, as you cannot continue without it.
  • Then a QR code will show up on your screen, and you’ll be able to capture it.
  • You can find the QR code on the PC on by opening a browser on the internet and then scanning the code.
  • If the companion app for my phone is already installed on your device, this website will guide you to open it. After you choose “Open Your Phone,” your app will start, and a QR code will show at the top of your screen.
  • After that, you can use the Android smartphone to scan QR codes.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and then grant the requested permission.
  • After this, you will sync the two devices, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits.

Using Your Windows Computer to Connect Your Mobile App

These instructions will help you connect your phone program to the Windows PC in the simplest possible method.

  • If you own a Windows computer and want to get Your Phone app from the Microsoft Store.
  • Find an option for searching apps on the taskbar. After that, select “Your phone app” and select it.
  • You’ll need to select the kind of mobile device at this stage.
  • Then log in with your Microsoft account. The account must be the same as the one you use to connect to your phone’s service.
  • Install Your Phone Companion on your Android phone. To accomplish this, use the internet browser on your phone to visit If you’re experiencing difficulties using this URL, it is possible to find the application in Google Play. Google Play store.
  • After that, sign into the app with your Microsoft account on your personal computer. The phone will then change to an interface for scanning QR codes.

If you are using personal computers, choose the next menu item:

  • If you chose “Yes” to the “I already have Your Phone Companion app loaded on my phone” option, the QR code will appear, and you’d have to scan it with your smartphone.
  • Two options are available “Pair using QR codes” and “Pair by hand.” Selecting this option will display the code to be placed into the mobile phone.
  • You must grant the permissions displayed on your screen once your devices have been properly joined to allow you to utilize the companion app for your phone in full.


Here’s how you can use to connect your Android phone with your Windows computer. 

That’s the issue that’s making a lot of people mad. The companion app on my phone can be a great way to sync; however, it’s not without its flaws. 

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us via the comment below, and we’ll do our best to address questions.