On-demand streaming services are all the rage these days. Gone are the days when kids would sit tight in front of a TV, waiting throughout the long commercial breaks, or even when they end up missing their favorite shows because they’re unavailable at the time it broadcasts. Now, thanks to cheap home internet plans, Disney Plus is the full ad-free entertainment package your kids can stream anytime, without any chances of missing their favorite episodes!

A Quick Look at Disney Plus

The reason why Disney Plus is such a huge hit these days is that it is filled with our all-time favorites from childhood, as well as has the latest content. Some of it is even specially made for premiering on this streaming platform particularly. You can watch movies and shows from Pixar, Marvel, Disney, and more! The platform is still growing, with more and more interesting titles being added to the list. You will find popular shows like The Simpsons on this platform as well.

The Disney Plus subscription costs either $8 a month or $80 annually. The subscription will allow you to watch all the content without any ads.

If you have subscribed to the ad-free entertainment spree on Disney Plus, then here is what your kids must not miss out on!

All-Time Best Shows on Disney Plus for Kids


For those with kids above the age of 10-11, Loki can be a huge hit. This Marvel TV series is one of its kind. It includes 6 episodes and 1 season, so it’s a great pick for summer holidays binge-watching. The show is about Loki’s journey after the events of Endgame. If your kid is a true Marvel fan, then the show will be popular with them. It includes all the exciting sci-fi concepts that most of the kids at the age of 11 have begun to explore, such as time travel, space, and alternate realities. Loki has a highly interesting, thrilling character that gets numerous challenges and difficulties thrown at. The fight between the bad variant of Loki and the real Loki is surely going to keep your kid hooked.

Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2

It will be fun to have your kid get a look into the back-stage world of their favorite Frozen and Frozen 2 movies. The Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2 is a documentary series that will show your kid the amazing production of Frozen 2, and will also introduce the voices behind their favorite characters in the movie. The documentary series shows how each step helps the whole build-up and leads to the end result which is the all-time popular movie, Frozen 2.

 Monsters At Work

Monsters have always been successful with kids. The series is more like a sequel to the 2001 Monsters film. So, make sure your kid has watched the prior versions. Premiered in 2021, it is an amazing animated series that walks us through Mechanic Taylor’s journey of going up to the “Laugh Floor” at Monsters Inc. there are a few new rivals and entries in the episodes as well, so that will keep your kid’s interest sparked all throughout. The series has a total of 10 episodes, with only 4 aired and 6 others lined up to be released in July, August, and September of 2021.

Special Agent Oso

Special Agent Oso is an engaging TV series that your younger ones can really enjoy. It features a cute teddy bear, Oso, who is also a special agent and keeps the viewers engaged when solving missions and mysteries. The series has a total of 2 seasons, with a total of 60 episodes that will be more than enough to keep your kid’s summer vacation full of entertainment. The show is full of interactive missions, where everyday tasks as simple as mailing letters are conducted, to help kids learn and grow all the while having fun.

Earth Moods

Earth Moods is a very unique show that you might find a little more intriguing than the usual ones. The show does not involve any entertaining characters, human faces, or anything that we see in our everyday lives. Instead, it is a mellow show that takes us to different types of landscapes and ecosystems on earth. Just with calming sounds and extraordinary visuals of different parts of the world, the 30-minute episodes will be a great simulation for your kid. It can be a therapeutic watch for some parents as well.

Be Our Chef

Aired first in 2020, Be Our Chef is a reality TV show that can be the perfect watch for some quality family time. The show is basically a cooking competition where families compete with one another by making food that represents or is inspired by different themes in Disney. The 2 winning families of the show are then taken to the grand finale at Disney World, where only 1 wins for a Disney-level magical prize. The best part of the competition is that it hosts diverse families, which can be really good for your child’s development as they will see different types of people and will become more used to such diversity. It can also be a great way for you to not only enjoy some entertainment time together but also encourage or motivate your child to actively participate in your house’s kitchen chores.

A Wrap-Up

A good streaming platform can be enjoyed by kids and their parents as a means of quality family time. If you have an affordable internet plan from buytvinternetphone, then subscribing to Disney Plus and streaming the latest content for your kids can be the best way to keep your kids entertained and informed at the same time.