Presently working as a wellness counselor and hypnotherapist in Malaysia, A Bangladesh-born musical artist, program presenter, and actress Tanzira Noor expresses her thoughts about achieving healthy and happy life through clinical hypnotherapy. Clinical Hypnotherapy achieving popularity in Asia like the developed world like UK, USA, or Canada. Mental health-related problems are being treated without any medicine and only with the help of hypnosis.

Clinical hypnosis teaches patients to use a deep relaxation state to address issues such as smoking cessation, weight loss, pain relief, or self-improvement. Although there are many different hypnotic inductions, most include suggestions for relaxation, calmness, and wellbeing. Tanzira Noor being a media personality, a singer, an actress, and a presenter have done many stage performance in front of hundreds of people but she expresses her thrill in treating or helping someone within a small room with the help of her voice by inducing Clinical hypnosis.

Tanzira Noor further added in an informal interview that“Voice is one of the very important elements of clinical hypnotherapy; a successful therapy session equally depends on the soothing voice and its modulations along with the appropriate treatment protocol. A calm voice of hypnotherapist has a positive impact on the patient.” She finds it quite intriguing how voice can be used as a tool to provide mental relaxation in a patient’s subconscious mind and hence she started practicing hypnotherapy and providing virtual therapy to people in need during this pandemic. She has given a few complimentary sessions for Malaysian NGOs for helping the front liners with Hypnotherapy. As she believes a sound and stable mental state is the main key to a successful and balanced life, she has dedicated herself to the endeavor of helping others through Clinical Hypnotherapy.