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When the Argyle mine in Western Australia is finally shut down for good, there will be no more pink diamonds available anywhere in the world. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing Argyle pink diamonds or jewellery made with pink diamonds, the ideal time to do it is right now since the resource is running out, which will eventually lead to a rise in costs due to rising demand.

So you will require to know the facts regardless of how knowledgeable you are about exotic goods such as pink diamonds or how interested you are in the natural geological phenomenon discussed here. When determining where to invest your money, there are many factors to consider, but when grading pink diamonds, there are just a few things you need to keep in mind. Naturally, the origin should be the primary factor to take into account. Diamonds from the Argyle mine are often considered the most expensive and rare diamonds in the world. As a result, they usually cost twice as much as a comparable diamond from somewhere else.

The Many Grades of Diamonds

Diamond quality is determined by what is known as the “4 Cs,” which are colour, clarity, carat weight, and cut. Each of these factors determines the value of a diamond. Still, one factor mainly plays a considerable role in determining the cost of pink diamonds. When it comes to selecting a pink diamond, the most critical factor for consumers to take into account is the colour of the stone. Pink diamonds may be found in various colours, ranging from a pale blush pink to a deep red; however, the pink diamonds with the deeper shades are the most valuable.

Working With a Seasoned Diamond Professional Is in Your Best Interest

When looking for a reliable jeweller, you need to exercise extreme caution since Argyle diamonds are so uncommon and expensive (this is an excellent reason to be cautious). So when looking to buy a Pink Argyle Diamond, you must do business with a jeweller that has the required level of knowledge and credentials. Other important aspects to consider include being familiar with your financial constraints and having an idea of how much money you should be spending on a Pink Argyle Diamond in the current market. Meanwhile, the deeper pink hue is often more scarce and expensive to purchase. And depending on the quality, the price of an Argyle Pink Diamond may range anywhere from $10,000 per carat for a pink with lower intensity to around $700,000 per carat for a pink with a more profound depth.

The price of an Argyle Diamond is determined by several factors, including colour, tone, and saturation (the strength of the hue). So if you want to add some of the rarest gemstones in the world to your collection, purchasing an Argyle Pink Diamond that is not mounted and comes packaged in its box is an attractive investment.

Argyle Pink Diamonds are in great demand, given their status as one of the most desirable gemstones. It is not only that they are pretty rare, which results in a higher value, but also that they are exceptionally stunning, which is why an increasing number of individuals are interested in purchasing argyle diamonds. Moreover, they are incredible worn on their own or as part of a piece of jewellery with white diamonds.