Azet Net Worth

How much money does Azet have?

Azet is one of the most popular German rappers at the moment. He belongs to the KMN gang founded in Dresden in 2010. Since then, he has published tracks with their other members and as a solo artist. His greatest success is the album Fast Lane, with which he topped the German charts in March 2018. Let’s estimated net worth is € 2.5 million.

This is how Azet built his fortune.

On most money, Azet with his music. Two of his albums were at the top of the German sales list, plus a total of eleven top 10 singles in Germany by the end of 2020. The associated music videos also generate income thanks to YouTube views, as do concerts. Also, the rapper is one of the KMN Gang label owners and therefore also shares in the proceeds of other artists such as Zuna and Albi.

In addition to music, Azet is also an entrepreneur. At the beginning of 2020, he and his crew colleague Zuna acquired the South American drink White Colombia’s sales rights for the German market. He has also been selling his kebab, Let’s Green Kebab, since the end of 2020.

Entry into the rap scene with the KMN gang

Act, which is called Granit Musa, was born in the Albanian capital Tirana. However, his parents come from Podujeva in Kosovo but had to flee. In 1994 they came to Dresden. In elementary school, Musa met his future rapper colleague Ali Rihilati. They joined the Ghetto Stars crew as young people, soon disbanded. Instead, they founded their crew in 2010: the KMN Gang.

Let’s first successes and his imprisonment.

Musa was still called Asphalt but soon changed this name to Azet. Rihilati was originally called Achilles but is now known as Nash. After a short time, the KMN Gang released a self-titled mixtape, which was denied commercial success. The rapper Zuna came to the crew, which recorded several unreleased albums. In April 2015, Zuna and Azet released the single Fuck the Police, which caused a sensation in the German rap scene. As of May 2015, Azet was in custody for stabbing a man and trading marijuana for an extended period of time. In October 2015, he was sentenced to two years and eight months’ imprisonment. The custody was taken into account; the rest of the sentence was served by the rapper from November 2016 to April 2018. However, he was regularly released and continued to be musically active.

Ascent from prison

In December 2016, Azet released the single Patte flows, with which he was represented in the German charts for the first time. In March 2017, Azet and Zuna collaborated with rapper Noizy and released song number 1. This rose to number seven on the sales list and was awarded a gold record. Due to continued good sales figures, number 1 should even get a platinum record in 2019. In December 2017, the first harbinger of Azet’s debut album was released with the single Gjynah. It reached number eight on the charts.

Shortly after that, a collaboration with RAF Camora came out with the song Qa Bone, which sold more than 220,000 copies and received a gold record. With these sales, Let’s fortune continued to grow. The rapper can also increase his income with the streams on Spotify. In 2019 Azet declared in Lelele: “Yes, my brothers are going all-in; Azet is bringing in the second million.”

With two albums to the top

Let’s first album Fast Lane was finally released in March 2018 and topped the charts in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Super Plus, a collaboration between him and Zuna, became the rapper’s second number one album in Germany and Austria in March 2019. With his younger brother Albion Musa alias Albi, Azet released the album Fast Life 2 in September 2020, which reached number three on the German charts. A few weeks later, the single BLFL, recorded with Capital Bra, was released, which rose to number four. Azet has so far celebrated great success as a rapper, and it can be assumed that this will continue.