Baka Prase Posts Offensive Picture of Young Girl Who Committed Suicide on His Instagram Profile

Famous Serbian Youtuber Bogdan Ilic shocks again! Bogdan also known as Baka Prase, posted a disgraceful picture of Youtuber, Kristina Djukic and his friends penetrating to it, on his Instagram account @Bakaprase. As we learn, the picture was released during his cyberattacks on her and certainly, this cyberbullying has caused her to take her own life!

The torturing, insulting, and bullying of Kristina, also known as Kika Djukic, lasted over a year, and hit the maximum point when they met on a TV show and he asked her “Haven’t you killed yourself yet?”

In addition, he released a song on his Youtube channel, Disstrack, in which he called for violence against her, harassed, harassed, humiliated, defamed, insulted, and called her derogatory names.

According to her mother Natasa Djukic’s testimony, Bogdan Ilic’s followers came to her apartment, shouting to her that she was a whore, which affected her psychologically (or mentally),

given that she was only 19 years old at the time.