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Actor Barry Keoghan shares insights into balancing fatherhood with a demanding film schedule.

Barry Keoghan, acclaimed for his nuanced performances, recently became a father to his son Brando, with former partner Alyson Sandro. Amidst the joys of fatherhood, Keoghan faced the challenging task of juggling his professional commitments. During his stint in the film ‘Saltburn,’ he took only a single day off for Brando’s birth.

“They were kind enough to give me a day off,” Keoghan shared with GQ. “It was a whirlwind of night shoots, coupled with night feedings — quite the intense experience!”

Barry Keoghan Reveals He Took Just One Day Off for Son Brandos
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Despite the hectic schedule, Keoghan cherishes that period as a profoundly fulfilling time in his life. “It’s undoubtedly one of the best phases of my life. Having a baby boy and taking the lead in a movie – it’s an experience I hold dear,” he reflects.

Keoghan also praised Sandro, from whom he has separated, commending her excellent mothering skills. “She’s an incredible mother, and she’s done a fantastic job,” he remarks.

Barry Keoghan Reveals He Took
Photo: Jason Nocito/GG

Parenthood has instilled a sense of responsibility and pressure in Keoghan, feelings he welcomes. “I constantly think about my little boy. It’s a beautiful feeling. When he looks at me, I feel like the most important person in the world. His smile is everything,” he expresses.

The inspiration for his son’s name stems from his passion for acting. “Brando Keoghan – that’s quite the name to carry! It’s cool, isn’t it? Having ‘Brando’ as a first name, inspired by the great Marlon Brando, it sets a certain expectation. He’s destined for greatness, with a bit of a rock-star vibe,” Keoghan muses.

Brando, in Keoghan’s vision, is set for an adventurous future. “He’ll be the kid with the leather jacket and the motorbike when he’s 12. He’s got big shoes to fill, but I’m sure he’ll rise to the occasion,” he adds confidently.