Choosing a best headphone for your tween could be crucial because we cannot often distinguish among available varieties in the market. The tween hearing sense is somewhat different from an adult one, according to audiology a low volume sound could be louder for a tween due to small ear drum in tweens. headphones are really important when kids are playing games like minecraft. Parkour Minecraft Servers can be useful for kids as their parents can choose the players.

A tween is a child ages between 9 to 12 which means a tween is no longer a little child but not yet a teenager. So, there should be a separate life treatment for tweens.

This article aims to let you know about best headphones for tweens which are listed below one by one.

JBL headphones for tweens/kids

The JBL headphones comes in different varieties of colors so you can have options to choose for your kid. Aside from that, the maximum volume is set out to 85 dB that is safe for kids even if they continuously listen to music for 8 hours.

The soft padded headband guarantees your kid can listen to songs, movies, and documentaries comfortably without any physical instability.

Baby Banz Earmuffs

The Baby Banz Earmuffs are among the noise cancelling headphones for babies. These headphones have the ability to block harmful noises and to protect little ears.

They come with soft padded headbands, your baby can have the real taste of it in some sporting events or while listening to music etc. These headphones are not really designed for kids who are bulky, yet can be used in growing ages.

JBuddies Studio Wired kids Headphones

These headphones are made by Jlab Audio especially for kids ages 6 and over. The tweens can go through cool varieties of colors. The volume is set out to 85 dB at max that leads to the safety of your child.

Whether your tween is at home or in school, he or she can take it to any distance they want.

Skullcandy crusher headphones

The Skullcandy headphones are one of the finest items in our list, the sound is perfect for music lover tweens and it comes with unique colors. These headphones are among the popular brands for tweens.

Luckily, the tweens would not have to worry about the battery timing because it can be charged in 10 minutes while it can then be used for three hours either for attending class or listening to music. Additionally, the base is adjustable and also includes a travel case.

Anker soundcore life Q20 Headphones

The Anker soundcore life Q20 headphones are also the considerable product to be observed for tweens. There are certain reasons behind its acceptability; they are affordable, include a travel pouch and have great battery timing.

The noticeable feature of this headphone is its battery timing, the battery time can be extended to 60 hours if used properly with limited features which means you only have to charge it once a week.

Sony WHXB900 Headphones

The Sony headphones has been famous for its sound quality, this offers your tweens a real taste of music with a sound cancelling feature. A list of headphones perhaps would not be complete without involving the Sony one.

Although, the charging time of this headphone seems to be a bit longer than the other brands but on the other hand you will get over 30 hours of playtime. Yet, if you want quick charging, you can use the 10 minutes charging features to avail an hour of playtime. The quick charging feature, extra base, comfortable design and long battery time make it favorable for your tweens.

Things to consider while buying headphones for your tweens

There are certain criteria that you need to closely observe while purchasing any of the headphones for your little ones. The most common factors given below.


Price has always been the crucial factor regarding anything, the same is here in case of headphones. Headphones for tweens could be a little expensive but you will have to choose the affordable one.

Battery life (Wireless Headphone)

The battery-life should be observed in case of wireless headphones, the headphones that have long battery time are preferable.


The more features a headphone has the more it should be considerable and desirable for your tween. The most common feature is that the headphone should have a best sound quality and sound cancelling feature.


The above-mentioned six headphones and a brief buying guide would definitely have cleared your mind about purchasing a headphone for your tween. In fact, there are number of fake products being sold that name the same as real.

So, in this guide I have just introduced you with six of the best commonly believed headphones for your tweens. Which one out of six is best for you? well, if completely depends on your budget and the type you prefer.

Thanks for being with us.