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While almost all wedding-related decisions are up to you, you must take advantage of the location. This is true whether you wear a suit instead of a dress, skip the flowers, or skip the wedding cake. Having a micro-wedding doesn’t change the fact that you need a place for your friends and family to congregate and celebrate.

But finding the ideal location can be challenging. You have many alternatives, whether searching for a gorgeous barn, a classy ballroom, a warm restaurant, or a serene stretch of coastline. So, we asked a few wedding coordinators to provide their best advice for locating your ideal location.

First, speak with a planner

Yes, consult a planner before you begin looking at potential locations. Planners better understand a space’s potential, layout, materials, and time required to alter it completely. Your planner will be aware of any unique features that could make it stand out or any local quirks that would make it difficult to implement your idea.

Select a Location That Supports Your Goals

Although it may seem apparent, look for locations that reflect the style you are going for. Look at modern eateries, warehouse locations, or art galleries if you’re organizing a modern wedding. On the other side, outdoor settings like ranches, backyards, and parks are excellent choices for weddings with a more rustic theme. Your wedding will feel more at home in a setting that matches (and fits in with) your piece.

Know Who Is Attending

Before looking at venues, estimate the number of guests you’ll be inviting; this can assist you in avoiding future problems and heartaches. You may find yourself in a difficult situation if you select a location that is too small for your guest list and more people say “yes” than you can accommodate. Have that chat early so you know what you’re genuinely working with because couples frequently underestimate the number of guests they will invite. This will also assist you in organizing your finances because some expenses are strongly influenced by the number of guests you invite.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

Decor and flower design will also raise the price in addition to the space rental fee because places with in-house catering (like hotels) charge by the dish. Be conscious of your overall expenditure cap and the rough cost of implementing your plan. You will either need to reduce the magnitude of your design or hunt for more reasonably priced venues if adding that to the cost of renting the space blows your budget out of the water. Give more money to more essential suppliers by categorizing the total budget. When you still have a dozen other people to hire, it can be challenging to keep within your budget if you choose your venue first and later learn that it costs more than you intended.

Keep Your Visitors’ Experience in Mind

If you’re planning a destination wedding or many out-of-town guests, search for a venue close to (or connected to) a hotel. Considering your visitors’ comfort while using the platform would be best. Ask the forum how many people they can accommodate comfortably and what is permitted by the fire code, as the room’s maximum capacity is frequently not a pleasant number of people.

Consider What Is Included

Be sure to price out everything if you’re looking at full-service locations where you can bring in your vendors and decor.

A venue where you don’t need to rent anything could be more expensive up front than one where you do, but you should receive a rental estimate to compare costs once you factor in the price of renting your supplies.

Additionally, remember that the included rental goods are frequently more basic (white tablecloths, regular flatware, banquet chairs, etc.), so you could still have to pay more to hire items more aligned with your vision. Additionally, remember to factor in the tax and the tip in your calculations if you’re working with a venue that offers in-house catering and has a food and beverage minimum.

Conclusion: Everyone dreams of getting married in their ideal location. The fundamental desire of every soon-to-be-married person is a flawless start and end to the complete wedding ceremony. Your wedding day will undoubtedly rank among the most significant events of your life.

In front of your close family and friends, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to promise your life and mind to the other soul. In the months leading up to the ceremony, there always appears to be a zillion fresh decisions to be made, but the location always seems to be one of the most important.

If you have printable wedding programs with ideal wedding venues, whether for a small gathering or a large celebration, you have completed almost half of the planning process.