Photo: Lauren Dukoff/Glamour

The ever-radiant Brooke Shields, adorned with the crown of Glamour’s Women of the Year for 2023, speaks candidly about aging, beauty, and staying true to oneself.

Brooke Shields is nothing short of an icon. For decades, she has captivated audiences worldwide, and as she graces the cover of Glamour’s 2023 Women of the Year issue, she offers her candid perspective on cosmetic enhancements.

While she champions individuality and believes in the pursuit of personal confidence, Shields is not shy to admit her reservations about injectables. “There’s a fine line between enhancing one’s beauty and losing one’s identity,” she reflects, candidly sharing her experiences with Botox that left her feeling a bit too alien, dubbing it the “Spock eye.”

“I am not racing against time. I want to celebrate the present,” Shields mused, emphasizing her desire to age gracefully without yielding to societal pressures.

Brooke Shields on Aging Gracefully
Photo: Lauren Dukoff/Glamour

But that doesn’t mean she’s opposed to all beauty treatments. Ever the curious soul, Shields is intrigued by new beauty technologies, contemplating treatments like facial peels or even the Fraxel laser. It’s about balance and choice, she underscores.

Brooke Shields’ advocacy doesn’t stop at beauty standards. She’s a firm believer in celebrating the power and resilience of women, especially those over 40. Their narratives, their challenges, their triumphs — it’s all testament to their indomitable spirit. “We are the modern-day Amazons,” she declares with pride.

Brooke Shields
Photo: Lauren Dukoff/Glamour

The multifaceted Shields has donned numerous hats throughout her career. In her 50s, she became an entrepreneur, launching ‘Beginning is Now’ — a platform dedicated to inspiring and empowering women over 40. As if her accomplishments weren’t vast enough, she’s also a devoted mother to her two daughters, Grier and Rowan, whom she lovingly raised alongside her husband, Chris Henchy.

Motherhood, for Shields, is a journey filled with surprises and joys. From guiding her teenage daughter through the complexities of the modeling world to sending her eldest off to college, every moment has been cherished. And it’s not just life lessons they’re sharing; they’re also sharing a closet! Shields laughingly recalls the times her daughters raided her closet, picking out vintage designs and making them their own.

“It’s funny, if I had suggested any of those outfits, they’d have dismissed them immediately,” Shields jests. “But seeing them rediscover and reinvent those styles on their own terms? It’s heartwarming.”

True to her essence, Brooke Shields remains a beacon of authenticity and grace, inspiring generations to find beauty in genuineness and to embrace every chapter of life with enthusiasm.