It is 2020 when Calcio Saguedo, a sports club founded in 1975, seems to have hit rock bottom after years of sailing in bad waters: the financial instability is such that it is no longer even possible to take care of the field granted by the Lendinara municipality, which lies in a state of neglect.

But for someone, it is not possible to completely let go of a piece of Lendinara’s sporting history: and this someone is Mattia Migliorini, who takes over the presidency of the historic club in 2020. Migliorini, an entrepreneur who has already been successfully active for many years, sees a great chance for rebirth in a difficult situation and dives body and soul into the adventure of re-founding Calcio Saguedo.

And all it takes is a single year to achieve something unhoped for a team with a squad of 25 players, capable of an excellent championship and management consisting of seven people who follow it with the utmost care.

At the same time, the renovation of the Lendinara pitch continued, completed in record time and turning it into one of the most beautiful sports facilities in the northeast. A lot of work has borne important fruits.

First, the binomial Calcio Saguedo – Accademia per lo Sviluppo dei portiere Veneto which was born thanks to Peluso Pasqualino, the regional head of the goalkeeper academy, who joined the company. This was followed by collaborations with Empoli, Adriene, and Rovigo.

The results were so outstanding that they attracted the interest of national and international bodies such as the AIA and the FIGC: who chose the Saguedo football pitch to organise the UEFA C (youth coaches) course in September 2022.

Not to mention an event of great importance: the Calcio Saguedo facility was chosen as one of four nationwide venues nationwide, in July 2022, for the ‘Milan Camp goalkeeper section’ event. The path seems to be set for the Lendinara facility to become soon a national reference point for youth and professional football.

For all these achievements, Mattia Migliorini thanked, during the presentation evening of the new season, the managers and the municipality, who had placed their trust in his dream, giving Calcio Saguedo the chance to begin its rebirth.