A dermaplaning facial represents a completely safe option for people wanting to enjoy skin that’s free of dead skin cells, as well as build up of dirt and oil on the epidermis. Using a surgical blade angled at 45 degrees, it’s a treatment that has grown hugely in popularity over recent years. 

When attending a dermatologist or other clinician to have the treatment carried out, the skin’s surface is abraded, meaning that everything but the fresh skin cells are left behind – just as you’d expect from your typical exfoliation treatment. 

This can have an instantly rejuvenating effect for the skin, with peach fuzz (fine vellus facial hair) also being removed as part of the process. The question of this piece, however, is whether it’s suitable for pregnant women.

Breastfeeding & Pregnancy Will Not Stop You

The good news for any expectant or new mothers out there is that it’s completely safe for you to enjoy the many benefits of a dermaplaning facial. The reason for this is that there are no chemicals or toxins used, rather it’s a simple mechanical action that occurs on the surface of the skin. 

Unlike chemical peels, whose name clearly shows that chemicals are used, nothing enters the skin or the bloodstream – not even trace amounts. So, regardless of whether you’re about to have a baby or you’ve already been blessed with a new family member, you’re free to indulge.

Does It Hurt At All?

It’s understandable to wonder whether having a dermaplaning facial hurts or not, due to the fact that a super-sharp, surgical-grade scalpel is used during the treatment. The fact is that it absolutely doesn’t, particularly as the scalpel is usually in the hands of a trained professional.

Everything happens on a superficial level, meaning that there’s no reason why it would hurt. The blade is moved slowly and expertly across the skin’s surface at a 45 degree angle, removing everything required as it does.

No Thick Hair Regrowth Occurs

Most ladies out there will already know that shaving your face or legs will almost always result in thicker, darker hair growing back, which is why many think the same might happen with dermaplaning. The truth is very different, as it’s only the vellus hair that’s removed. If you already have thick hair on your face, it’s likely not to be a suitable treatment for you.

Generally speaking, the effects of dermaplaning last up to 4 weeks, after which the vellus hair on your face will have grown back. That said, it will be no darker or thicker than it was before.

A Dermaplaning Facial is Ideal For Most People

The fact of the matter is that dermaplaning is one of the most effective ways to achieve blemish-free, silky smooth, younger-looking skin. Ideal for most people – aside from those with acne – it’s an option that’s even gentle enough for pregnant ladies to have. 

It’s a treatment that’s no more painful or uncomfortable than having a haircut and it will leave your skiing with a vibrant and youthful glow. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so why not talk to your dermatologist today to find out more?