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Theron reminisces about her ultra-thin eyebrows, a staple of 90s fashion, which she now considers a mistake.

Charlize Theron, famed for seamlessly adapting to any beauty trend, swears there’s one look you won’t see her revisit.

At 48, the actress renowned for her role in Bombshell has experimented with numerous hair transformations over the years, much to her daughters’ dismay, but now opts for a more stable facial aesthetic.

In a recent chat with InStyle, Theron, who also serves as a Dior ambassador, acknowledged a significant beauty misstep from her past: the pencil-thin eyebrows popularized in the ’90s.

“It’s been over two decades and I’m yet to overcome that phase,” she candidly remarked.

Back in the 1990s, Theron’s slender eyebrows were the epitome of glamour — inspiring countless individuals to seek out similar styles from their stylists, a decision many probably rue presently.

Furthermore, during her 2004 Oscar appearance, Theron chose an extreme, with her eyebrows tinted to a shade so light, they were barely perceptible.

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(Interestingly, InStyle hints at a resurgence of the thin eyebrow trend, with celebrities like Bella Hadid showcasing the look as recently as June, although Theron seems hesitant to join in this time.)

Regardless of her reluctance to re-embrace past beauty faux pas, Theron maintains a positive outlook on her evolving appearance.

“As I grow older, I appreciate the transformation my face is undergoing,” she conveyed in an interview with Allure, published on August 18, just after her 48th birthday celebration. “However, it seems to have sparked rumors of cosmetic surgery. When people inquire about my ‘new’ face, I simply respond, ‘Darling, I am aging! It isn’t a botched procedure, it’s a natural process.’”

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The actress also highlighted her disdain for the prevalent double standards surrounding aging, criticizing the notion that “men mature gracefully while women wilt with time.”

“I vehemently oppose this notion and am determined to challenge it,” she affirmed. “I believe it’s essential to respect each woman’s individual journey to aging, encouraging them to embrace it in a manner that resonates with them. Nowadays, I find humor in spotting my changing face on billboards, embracing the journey with grace.”