If your child is about to embark on their CBSE journey, there are probably dozens of questions spinning around your mind. Aside from the obvious one (which is ‘where has all the time gone? It seems like only yesterday they were at primary school!’), you may well be wondering about which are the good schools in Noida offering CBSE education, how to encourage good study skills from the outset and what you can do to support your child in their studies.

The number of students taking up CBSE education rises annually and Global Indian International School (GIIS) continues to be a popular choice. Whilst studying CBSE can open a world of possibilities for your child, to succeed at higher levels of education you’ll need to know how he or she can stand out among the crowd of students graduating each year.

Your child may feel really overwhelmed when they start their CBSEs, which is totally understandable. Here are some things you can do to help take some sting out of the stressing they will inevitably do:

  1. Curriculum – In order to be competitive and career-ready, you need to select a good Noida CBSE school that will give you more than a traditional or theoretical-based curriculum. Look for good schools in Noida, which encourage real-world experience by incorporating practical elements, such as live challenges, simulations, and projects.
  2. Independent Learning – Students exploring for themselves is at the very core of learning. Select a Noida CBSE school that facilitates making discoveries from a task the teacher sets that your child is genuinely interested in and finds challenging. The feeling they gain from self-direction is wonderfully rewarding for your child as well as an incredible life tool.
  3. Teachers – One of the best ways to learn is to be taught by someone who’s highly qualified in teaching and aims at a gradual, step-by-step transfer of responsibility from the teacher to the student. Look for a school with teachers who develop effective classroom discourse, asking higher-order and open-ended questions, responding flexibly to students’ responses to promote thinking, problem-solving skills, and deeper understanding.
  4. Student Goals – Many students dream of getting a good job or becoming an entrepreneur and someday being the founders of their own start-up. With the right tools and mentorship from your child’s school, such aspirations can be achieved during their years as a student where they get choices and encouragement to set their own learning goals. There are many examples of GIIS students who have started their own ventures or secured high-profile jobs in some of the top companies of the world.
  5. StudentSubject Engagement – Look for schools who see the ultimate purpose of their work as to build as strong a relationship as possible between the student and their subjects. When teachers know their students well enough to understand the level of relationship they have with their subjects, they can design learning experiences that will allow your child to grow into new challenges without defeating them. This is where accurate assessment and engaging instruction take place.
  6. Surroundings – Your child’s surroundings have an impact on their positivity and attitude to learning. An accessible and well-organized school with well-lit classrooms makes it easy to access learning materials and sets the tone for learning. It raises the aspirations of your child and can also encourage enthusiasm and creativity.

Revered as one of the best educational institutions in the world, GIIS has meticulously curated an apparatus for academia and learning that is at par with the most top-notch CBSE schools around the globe. Emerging as an intellectual in the domain of education, the GIIS education system is meant to have cracked the code of imparting quality education and following the motto of eternal learning.