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Today, the strength and presence of a business depends, at least in large part, on social networks and there are no signs that this is going to change, quite the opposite! Strengthening your digital presence has become more relevant over the years, so choosing the best social network for your business will be decisive to achieve success in your strategies. And we are not referring only to the followers that appear on your profile and the likes in your publications, whatever platform you choose.

Look at it this way: For several years now, digital marketing has been displacing more traditional practices thanks to the potential that social networks offer to brands, companies, and businesses of all kinds.  The social network also provides the platforms like InstaBoost that helps a lot of customers to grow Social Media.


Consider this: Perhaps most of your family, friends, and co-workers have a profile on a social network such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter; like millions of people around the world. Beyond gaining followers and likes, the volume of social media users represents a huge potential reach for any idea, as long as you know how to choose the right channel and use tools like our Instagram likes service to your advantage.

Which to choose?

When talking about the best social network for your business there are different things that you must take into account to make the best selection.

The first thing to do should be to identify the purpose of each social network and as much information as possible about the users of the platform. It is important to compare the information about the users with the profile of your target audience, as you may discover that it may not be necessary to have a profile on all social networks.

Focusing only on the social networks that suit you best will help you gain followers and likes.

And it’s not just about creating a profile. In fact, having a profile so you don’t keep it up to date can be more damaging than not having a profile at all; just as it would happen with a web domain. It is precisely updating and staying active that will help you gain followers and get likes.

Likewise, having an account on each of the social networks would imply a greater volume of work both in the creation of content and in its adaptation to each of the formats and requirements that each platform has.

Know each social network

There are more and more social networks and we are not exaggerating when saying that maintaining a profile on each one simultaneously can be hard work, especially if you work on strategies to obtain followers and likes. This is why you must know each platform to choose the best social network for your business:

You want to create a real-time communication platform for your users. You don’t know how to build the infrastructure that will allow you to do it, and you’re running out of time. Use, a tool that allows you to easily create real-time messaging apps in just a few clicks.


Instagram is one of the most important social networks in the world and is used by most businesses. The reason for its popularity for business is simple: it has an impressive user volume around the world. It is aimed at young users, mostly, but still covers different segments and age groups. If you want to get started on Instagram, check out our article on Instagram for Entrepreneurs.

Download Instagram App on iPhone

The visual quality of your content will be crucial on Instagram, so make sure you know how to edit photos for Instagram.


Until the advent of Instagram Stories, Snapchat was on its way to the top. This application is aimed mainly at teenagers and presents a short content format that disappears after 24 hours of its publication.


YouTube has an impressive reach thanks to the engagement that video content usually achieves. However, many companies tend to put YouTube aside because it requires a larger budget for production.


Unlike previous platforms, LinkedIn is focused on building professional relationships. Businesses and companies often use it to publicize their philosophy, generate brand recognition and, in some cases, recruit staff.


It is the social network of references par excellence. Pinterest is not about creating and disseminating content; but to share references. The main format is photography and is ideal for visual artists


Quora is an excellent alternative for businesses and companies whose activities are focused on creating content about trends around the world.

What to take into account

After evaluating the characteristics of each social network, in addition to the format and style of content that you will offer to your followers on each platform; you must contrast this with the objectives of your business and the characteristics of your target audience.

Keep in mind that it is not only about choosing the best social network for your business but that you do it taking into account the type of user you want to attract.

By covering these two aspects and being clear about the differentiating quality of your business, you can take advantage of it to highlight your products and services and not only get followers; but attract new customers and keep your business always growing.

The secret of success

Regardless of the social network you choose, the key to being successful and building a strong digital presence is simple: consistency. Social networks are digital marketing tools that will allow you to increase the reach of your business, as long as you use them correctly.

Digital marketing for social networks

This goes beyond gaining likes and getting followers on any of the platforms. It’s about transforming these interactions and materializing them to achieve the most important objectives of your business.

Consistency is not just staying present, but offering quality content to your followers. Whether we are talking about photographs, images or videos, it is important that you take care of the aesthetic value and the message that you are sharing, since; after all, this will be the most faithful representation of your brand in the eyes of your followers.