Creator of Stas Trucking on The Come Up

STAS TRUCKING sought to give followers a glimpse into his life when he created his Instagram account in 2020. His videos were understated and centered on towing cars. He socialized with his relatives. He decided to go bald. He began to beard. He was sure of his choices at that time because he was keeping his satisfaction a top priority. He always wanted to do something different, then he developed an interest in the trucks and suddenly started taking it to the next level for his viewers. 

But not long ago, viewers of his videos weren’t always paying attention to the important plot points. They were curious about his experience driving trucks. His followers began requesting that he record some videos and upload them to Instagram.

Social Media Reach of Videos

He was a professional truck driver who made a film while on the road to entertain his friends and family, as STAS TRUCKING demonstrated.

To his delight, the audience was engaged. really into it, you know. Each of his prior films had received a few thousand views.

Motivation Behind This Passion

STASTRUCKING never gave up on his journey, despite the fact that his account didn’t get fame at the start but he was resilient throughout the time, kept moving on, making his journey films, making videos of how he does fun to cheer up himself. His videos always contain some fun or thrilling content so that his viewers can enjoy them. Since his love for trucks is just beyond imagination. STAS TRUCKING thinks that now reaching far from the point where he started, now his audience has reached a certain level and they expect quality stuff from him, many people are interested in his in just watching his vlogs that are so satisfying. He always shows ways to survive the hectic day and make it reproductive with what you have now. This is his biggest flex that he does not include fancy stuff in his videos to catch followers, but he makes it interesting by just doing things in a different manner, which not most people can do. 

Increasing Audience and followers

32-year-old STAS TRUCKING, who started truck driving after leaving Delta Air Lines, has been posting films about his work for about six months. In that period, the number of followers on his Facebook page increased from under 200 to around 12,000, and the number of views increased from under 1,300 each month to over 6.5 million. STAS TRUCKING claims that although the increase in his audience has completely altered his life, he still intends to continue driving.

STAS, taking over the Instagram

His Instagram account has grown from less than 1,500 followers to about 19,500, and from less than 2,000 monthly views to more than 1 million. This is a big reach on Instagram which gives him more strength and courage for what he is doing. He has always been a true believer that you will get what you will truly wish for, keeping your true intentions towards your work. his story gives an example to all new beginners that how a low-key starter be a big vlogger in no time. His videos are now available on google as well; his fans have created pages where they show love for him. 

This is my work, and I get to share it with the world. Knowing that I can make someone happy makes it even more enjoyable, he says. His motive is to bring smiles to sad faces, cheer up the boring ones, showing ways how to make your traveling fun or amusing. He also takes his family along with him and makes vlogs.