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Darius Rucker, the renowned Hootie & the Blowfish lead vocalist, shares insights from his journey post-divorce.

Darius Rucker, the iconic voice behind Hootie & the Blowfish, recently got candid about his life lessons following his split from Beth Leonard, his wife of two decades. The 57-year-old musician delved into this personal chapter during an interview on Apple Music’s Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen, originally announced via social media in July 2020.

Discussing the self-discovery he’s undergone through the divorce process, Rucker revealed, “A lot.” Expanding on this, he expressed how he’s come to realize the availability and importance of seeking help. “Being raised in the environment I was, particularly in the Black community, seeking help was often looked down upon,” Rucker reflected. “But I’ve come to learn there are many willing to lend an ear and support.”

Darius Rucker Reflects on Personal Growth After Divorce
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Rucker, who penned the heartfelt song “Never Been Over” about his separation, attributes music as his solace and therapy. The lyrics, “We’ve been a lot of things / But we’ve never been over,” resonate deeply with him. “Each time I sing that song, I feel it’s a moment of healing and reflection,” he shared.

Commenting on the therapeutic nature of creating this track, he added, “When I finished writing it, I felt like I’d gone through a cathartic experience.”

The “Only Wanna Be with You” artist also touched on the aspect of self-forgiveness and moving forward, especially as he navigates life in his 50s compared to his younger years.

Darius Rucker Reflects
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Rucker, father to Daniela (22), Jack (18), and Carolyn (28, from a previous relationship), emphasized the continuation of life despite challenges. “Life moves on. They’re still my kids, and we’re still a family. Beth is an incredible person and an amazing mom. We’re navigating through life, despite the changes,” he explained.

Earlier, in a conversation with PEOPLE, Rucker echoed similar sentiments about his relationship with Leonard post-divorce. He highlighted their ongoing familial bond, “We’re still a family, no matter what. That’s a testament to Beth’s incredible nature. She ensures it’s all about what’s best for the kids.”

Currently, Rucker’s focus remains on being a devoted father, setting aside thoughts of re-entering the dating scene. “Right now, my priority is being the best dad I can be,” he stated firmly.

Rucker’s journey post-divorce is a testament to his resilience and commitment to personal growth, family, and the healing power of music.