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Derek Hough expresses gratitude and optimism following his wife’s successful skull surgery.

Derek Hough, renowned for his role on “Dancing with the Stars,” recently shared an uplifting update about his wife Hayley Erbert’s health. Erbert underwent a critical surgery to replace a large portion of her skull following an emergency craniectomy earlier this month.

On Thursday, Hough, 38, took to Instagram to announce the successful completion of the surgery. He expressed immense relief and gratitude, particularly acknowledging the medical team’s skill and dedication, especially Dr. Mai, who performed the surgery and initially saved Erbert’s life.

Hough conveyed his deep appreciation for the overwhelming support and prayers from the community, emphasizing how these gestures have been a pillar of strength and comfort for both him and Erbert during this challenging time.

“This surgery is a key milestone in my wife’s recovery, and we’re filled with hope and optimism for the future,” Hough shared. “Knowing she’s on the path to full recovery with such love and support is truly heartwarming.”

Hough previously disclosed that Erbert, 29, required a skull implant following her craniectomy, a procedure necessary to protect her brain and restore the skull’s shape.

Reflecting on Erbert’s recovery, Hough described it as miraculous, though acknowledging the journey ahead. He shared a video of the couple walking hand-in-hand, underscoring how the life-threatening event served as a stark reminder of life’s fragility and the power of community support.

Erbert experienced symptoms of a cranial hematoma after their tour stop on Dec. 6. Hough detailed on his website that she was diagnosed with a cranial hematoma from a burst blood vessel, leading to the emergency surgery on Dec. 7.

Throughout her recovery, Hough has been updating his followers and expressing gratitude for the continuous support.

The couple, who married in August in California after getting engaged in June 2022, has faced this challenge together, showcasing their resilience and the support they share.

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