If you are looking for a guide on Arby’s payment option, especially: “does arby’s take apple pay,” then be glad you are in the right place. 

Arby’s is an American fast food sandwich restaurant chain with more than 3300 restaurants system-wide. In 2017, Arby’s became America’s second-largest sandwich chain. 

Apple pay is the latest highly secure payment method that is specially launched for apple users. So, many people want to know whether Arby’s accepts apple pay or not. “YES,” Arby’s accepts apple pay to take payment. 

Is apple pay a well-known payment method?

Apple pay was introduced in 2014 by apple Inc. Basic; this payment method is specifically for apple users. There are no main restrictions and charges on paying via this method for apple users. 

Many companies did not accept this payment method when it was introduced because of their bank policies. Now, all of the top companies are accepting payment via apple pay. 

There is nothing much more secure than paying via this method. If you are concerned about the worth of this method, then we can elaborate on this for you in a detailed manner. For this, comment down.

Does arby’s take apple pay in every branch?

Yes, Arby’s currently accepts apple pay in every branch. The most enthralling thing is the acceptance of other payment methods. 

It accepts other payment options like credit and debit cards that you have connected with your apple pay account. 


Apple pay is an extending and growing service, so it might be possible that every branch may not accept this payment method yet. 

Why do some locations of Arby’s not accept apple pay?

There are many reasons why Arby’s may not accept the apple pay payment method. The main reasons for not accepting it are:

  • Registers and payment terminals are not setups
  • Special terminals required 
  • Special readers required to accept payment via this method

For these reasons, many industries are lagging in accepting the payment via apple pay. 

Why not Arby’s choose apple pay for getting payment?

There are many benefits of using apple pay and some downsides. Here are the reasons based on which some branches of Arby’s do not accept apple pay:

If the app malfunctions or the system goes down, there will be no online payment.

In case when the app is not working and you do not have a credit card linked with apple pay, then no way to payout by this method.

If you do not pay for food and do not take it that will be a waste, and Arby’s does not compromise on it!

Benefits of using apple pay

Here are the main benefits of using apple pay:

  • An online application is available to pay with ease.
  • Highly safe, secure, and fast payment method. 
  • Bonuses and cashback facility
  • You can link credit/debit cards


Here you see all about: “does arby’s take apple pay.” Arby’s accept apple pay, but if some branches do not, we have also listed the reasons. To know more, contact us or simply comment down.