KFC is a very famous fast food chain across different countries of the world. It is famous for its tender, juicy fried chicken pieces and also famous for burgers.  

It was founded in 1952. The name of his founder is  Colonel Harland David Sanders. It has 20,000 locations all around the world.

The basis of the mascot logo of  KFC was real  Colonel Harland David Sanders. 

If you want to enjoy its most famous value bucket, you also want to know does KFC take Apple Pay? Apple pau is a safe and secure way to make transactions.

KFC takes Apple Pay. It knows that Apple Pay is the most popular and easy way to pay for products. KFC and Apple Pay work together To provide their customers with secure payment methods.

Does KFC take Apple Pay?

Yes, KFC takes Apple Pay to provide a convenient way to make transactions for its customers. Apple Pay is a fast and safe payment method. It allows iPhone users to buy products with this payment method.

This payment method facilitates its customers. It facilitates by providing them with the contactless method to make transactions. Now you can enjoy KFCs famous value bucket and burgers with Apple Pay.

Should I use the Apple Payment method at KFC?

Yes, if KFC allows you to pay with the safest payment method, you should go with this payment method. You can buy the product from this fast food chain with an easy payment method. You do not have to wait to play in the long queues. You can pay with just a click now.

Can I use Apple Pay at the Drive-thru of KFC?

Apple Pay is the most accepted payment method at KFC. You can use it at Drive-thru also. You can also use its safe and easy-to-use payment method feature. So to use it at the drive-thru, first unlock your mobile device and Apple with your face or touch Id. 

Then select the card from which you make the transaction. When a transition is complete, you will receive a notification. So you can take your desired meal, pay within seconds, and enjoy your meal.

What are the benefits of using Apple Pay at KFC?

  • Apple Pay is a very secure and fast method of payment.
  • You can make unlimited transactions.
  • You can save money from its cashback policy.
  • You get 3% cashback on every transaction. There is no transaction restriction. You can get cash back whenever you make the transaction.
  • You can enjoy transactions without using any plastic cards. It includes debit or credit cards.
  • Apple Pay as a payment method is very easy to use.


You can use Apple Pay as a payment method at KFC and make safe and fast transactions. So you can enjoy delicious fried chicken and pay within seconds with a secure payment method. Apple also gives cash back, which is its best feature. If you are a regular person shopping, you can also save money.