Today we are going to discuss the highly asked query “does mcdonald take apple pay.” In 2020, McDonald’s had over 30,000 branches across the world.

With more than 1 billion iPhone users, it is no surprise that people want to use Apple Pay to purchase their food.

Does mcdonald take apple pay?

McDonald’s Accepts Apple Pay as a payment method in all its locations within the United States as of 2022 and in many other countries.

McDonald’s was among the first to adopt this Apple Pay platform. If you are paying with Apple Pay in the United States, McDonald’s will only accept Visa debit or credit cards linked to the Apple Pay wallet.

How to Use Apple Pay at McDonald’s (Step-By-Step)

  • First, ensure you are using Apple Pay set up correctly on your iOS device to make use of Apple Pay at McDonald’s. It typically means the case with an iPhone and an Apple Watch.
  • Add a debit or credit/debit card to Your Apple Pay Wallet app.

To connect a debit card and a credit card in Your Apple Pay Wallet, open the “Wallet” app and click on the “+” symbol on the upper right-hand edge of the application.

You must then capture a photo of the card you wish to use to pay with Apple Pay or manually enter the card’s information. Many people asked “does mcdonald take apple pay” so it is a yes.

When you have an account with a debit or credit card linked with your Apple Pay Wallet, you can use it at Mcdonald’s the same way as you would with any other purchase through Apple Pay.

Let’s look at the steps for anyone new to Apple Pay (don’t worry, it’s extremely simple! ).

  • Double-Click the Button on Your iPhone
  • Push once (or “double-click” the button on the right-hand side of your iPhone (the identical button used to switch off and on the phone’s screen).
  • If everything is done right, you’ve done it correctly, and your Apple Wallet opens up automatically with a photo of the credit card or credit card added.

Use the Payment Terminal

Then, you must use an electronic payment device (aka the card reader) to complete the payment for your purchases by using Apple Pay.

To accomplish this, you must place your iPhone in front of the terminal for payment and keep the Apple Wallet open on your iPhone (within a couple of inches from the terminal).

If you do it correctly, your payment will be complete, and your debit or credit card associated with an Apple Wallet will be billed.

Is Apple Pay Safe to Use at McDonald’s?

Apple Pay can be secure to use almost anywhere, even in McDonald’s. You’ll want to be careful when using it, but if you follow the same precautions with any credit or debit card, it will be completely secure.


So it is a clear yes to “does mcdonald take apple pay.” If you are looking for a further guide on the paying process of apple pay then contact us or comment down to know more.