It is not difficult to find lovers of Ulta beauty. Many people want to know, “does ulta take apple pay” so here you will get detailed information about this topic. 

Apple is the world’s top brand or company that provides its customers with the best software and devices. Ulta Beauty is known as a cosmetic salon or Fragrance Company as it deals with nails, baths, and bodies. 

In America, you can call this company one of the biggest beauty chain retailers. So, people love to buy their products, and they want to know about the payment method capable there. “YES,” ulta take apple pay. 

Does Every Brand Of Ulta Accept Apple Pay?

We are very assured that Ulta accepts every sort of payment via apple pay. Like from the application and from the card. But still, it is possible that your selected brand doesn’t deal with the payment process by apple pay. 

Check on Google maps to know whether or not the selected store accepts payment via this method. 

While visiting the maps app, scroll down to the store page and there see the “useful to know” section! This section will display every detail about the selected store. Mainly you will know about apple pay. 

How does ulta take apple pay?

To use apple pay at Ulta, all you need to do is to get in contact with the store representative, and they will guide you through the process they are using to get the payment. 

It is not limited to credit cards only; the use of the debit card and online apps are also applicable. That’s why before payment, it is better to get in contact with their sales representative. 

Is It Possible To Get Cashback While Using Apple Pay At Ulta?

Yes, you can definitely get cash back using apple pay. It is the policy of apple pay that it accepts cash back if you don’t want to proceed with the payment. 

If stores don’t accept apple pay and you accidentally paid the payment via apple pay to any of their accounts, then it is better to get in contact with Ulta’s headquarters. They will truly give you the cash back!

What Are The Top Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Ulta Beauty?

Apple and Ulta both collaborated together for the customer’s ease. Both these companies are working together efficiently. Here are some of the top benefits that you will get while paying with apple pay:

  • Enchanting discounts by adding a debit card to apple pay
  • A highly secure platform, so there is no need to worry 
  • You can use cards for payment
  • You can make online payments without hassling with cards
  • One-click online payment method available

So, these are the top benefits of using apple pay for making payments at apple pay. 


Here are all the basic details that you need to know about the link between apple pay and Ulta. We hope that you found the answer to your query: “does ulta take apple pay?” If you have any other then, do let us know!