Domen van de Velde / Courtesy of Haus Labs

We had the chance to catch up with Lady Gaga and delve into her favorite products from her own brand, Haus Labs. The prices mentioned are accurate at the time of publication.

Lady Gaga’s most recent addition to the beauty market is nothing short of stellar.

After last year’s massive success of the Haus Labs foundation, which garnered over 9 billion views on social media platforms, the superstar is back with another hit – the Triclone Skin Tech Hydrating Concealer.

“This concealer was envisioned as a product that would resonate with everyone,” Lady Gaga disclosed in an exclusive conversation. “It’s essentially a triple threat – ideal for under-eye brightening, offers a creamy, sublime texture, and performs a blurring effect.”

The singer behind “Million Reasons” pointed out that the concealer is not just a makeup product, but also nourishes the skin with its range of 31 shades. Its formulation with ingredients like niacinamide and fermented arnica amplifies hydration, minimizes redness, and diminishes discoloration.

“One aspect that truly differentiates this concealer is its ability to alleviate puffiness under the eyes,” Lady Gaga expressed. “You can confidently step out, knowing it’s continually working to maintain your fresh look.”

If this seems slightly ambitious, we assure you that the Grammy-awarded artist isn’t just putting on a show.

I embarked on a month-long journey with the concealer, testing its resilience during a full day at Disneyland, a hardcore HIIT workout, and in the scorching 100-degree Texan weather. In every test, the product showcased remarkable staying power.

As day transitioned into night, my lipstick and eyeshadow had nearly vanished, yet the areas treated with the concealer exuded a radiant and fresh allure. Despite initial reservations—given the plethora of options available in the market—this makeup marvel genuinely astounded me.

The Haus Labs concealer merges effortlessly with the skin, presenting a velvety, smooth texture. A single stroke grants generous coverage, effectively concealing my under-eye circles, inner cheeks, and acne spots.

Additionally, the teardrop-shaped applicator is a game-changer, facilitating easy access to smaller sections like the inner eye corners or the areas around the nose. While a flat brush proved to be the best tool for blending, finger application works wonders too.

In terms of longevity, I’d bet it stays flawless for over eight hours before you’d consider a touch-up – a step that might not even be required. However, note that it doesn’t miraculously remove fine lines or wrinkles, with minor creasing appearing as the day wears on.

Lady Gaga
Greg Carter / Courtesy of Haus Labs

While I cannot validate the de-puffing qualities that Lady Gaga praised, my role as a mother to an 18-month-old with unpredictable sleep patterns verifies the concealer’s efficacy in camouflaging signs of a restless night.

“Though I’m not a mother, I’m in my late 30s and find this indispensable,” Lady Gaga admitted. “The essence of makeup is not only to enhance your beauty but also to nurture your skin.”