Hailey Bieber is once again making headlines. After attending the Vanity Fair red carpet event and being embroiled in Selena Gomez’s eyebrow drama, she is now accused of controlling Justin Bieber’s social media accounts.

Recently, the singer shared images on social media of himself with his wife, including one where Hailey is kissing him on the cheek and another where they appear to be about to kiss on the mouth. While it is not unusual for the couple to share such intimate moments on social media, fans have become convinced that Hailey is behind Justin’s social media posts.

Comments such as “Give him his phone,” “Hailey uses Justin’s phone,” and “The moment we realized Hailey’s team controls Justin’s social media” have led fans to speculate that Hailey is managing her husband’s accounts. Some fans have even gone as far as to ask Justin to change his phone password to prevent Hailey from posting anything else.

Fans are disappointed that everything Justin posts on Instagram revolves around Hailey. They believe that his wife has stolen his identity. One fan wrote, “Justin’s cell phone and his brain were hacked.” However, some fans have defended the couple, saying it’s normal for Justin to share so many pictures with his wife because he is deeply in love with her.

Neither Justin nor Hailey has commented on the rumors. They may limit the comments section, as Hailey has done in the past.