Photo: Gayle King/Instagram

Gayle King isn’t just about news; she’s also about making Thanksgiving uniquely memorable.

This year, the “CBS Mornings” anchor and her niece, Mekenzye Schwab, delighted their Instagram followers with their sixth annual “Thanksgiving photo shoot.”

“Our much-anticipated Thanksgiving swimsuit photo shoot with my favorite niece @mknzschwb is here!” Gayle announced on her Instagram. “What began as a playful tease in 2017 has now blossomed into our special tradition.”

Joining forces in Cancun, Mexico, the duo dazzled in their glamorous yellow one-pieces, striking a pose on a serene beach path.

Their Instagram carousel captured a series of heartwarming side-by-sides. Gayle and Mekenzye shimmered in their yellow swimsuits, embodying the vibrant beach vibe.

Gayle King
Photo: Gayle King/Instagram

Next up were their chic black and white bathing suits, perfectly complementing the elegant boat staircase backdrop.

Gayle King and Her Nieces Fun Filled Thanksgiving Tradition
Photo: Gayle King/Instagram

Gayle then showcased a striking one-shoulder halter piece, with stripes of white, bright red, and salmon pink. Emulating Mekenzye’s relaxed poolside pose, she playfully mimicked her niece’s hairstyle gesture. Mekenzye, in her colorful paisley bikini, lounged effortlessly in the sun.

Gayle King and Her Nieces
Photo: Gayle King/Instagram

Adding a humorous touch, Gayle shared a cheeky close-up of their beach-ready looks. Gayle’s pear green one-piece contrasted beautifully with Mekenzye’s ruched orange bikini.

Their photo series climaxed with captivating shower shots, water cascading down as they embraced the moment.

Gayle King and Her Nieces Fun Filled Thanksgiving
Photo: Gayle King/Instagram

Over on her page, Mekenzye echoed the fun with additional photos of their seaside lounging and boat walk adventures.

“Competing with my aunt? I deserve at least a consolation prize!” she joked in her caption.