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Hank Azaria, deeply moved, pays tribute to Matthew Perry in an intimate video.

As Hollywood mourns the untimely passing of Matthew Perry, Hank Azaria shares a heartfelt tribute, painting a poignant picture of their profound bond that spanned decades.

On Sunday, Azaria, 59, took to Instagram to reminisce about the “funniest man ever,” revealing the depth of their friendship. Starting in Los Angeles when Azaria was 21 and Perry just 16, their bond grew stronger with each passing year.

Hank Azaria Remembers Matthew Perry
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Hank expressed, “Matthew and I were more than friends; we were brothers. Our early career saw us sharing countless laughs and supporting each other during our lows.” As Azaria spoke, the pain of their shared struggles with addiction was evident.

For many who knew Perry intimately, his battles with addiction felt like a constant battle for his soul. Azaria admitted that Perry’s autobiography, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, was such a painful read that he had to set it aside multiple times.

One of the most touching moments in Azaria’s tribute was the revelation of Perry’s pivotal role in his sobriety journey. “Matthew was the one who led me into AA. That entire first year of sobriety, we were each other’s anchors, attending meetings together. His wisdom and compassion played a significant part in my recovery,” Azaria revealed.

Azaria then fondly remembered the genius of Perry’s comedic prowess. “Matthew had a knack for spontaneously weaving comedic narratives. By the night’s end, he’d string together a series of jokes into a crescendo of laughter. It was pure magic.”

Closing his tribute, Azaria mourned the loss of what could have been, saying, “The brilliance of Matthew’s acting was unparalleled. The world will now never witness the full potential of his career.”

Hank Azaria Matthew Perry
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Perry’s candid acknowledgment of his struggles with addiction was well-known. He believed in sharing his story when he felt distanced from his “dark side.” His hope was that his narrative would resonate with many battling addiction, emphasizing that the disease is indiscriminate.

Interestingly, Azaria had aspired to be part of the iconic Friends cast. Although he auditioned twice for Joey’s role, which eventually went to Matt LeBlanc, he eventually made his mark on the show as David, Phoebe’s love interest.

In times of sorrow, Azaria’s tribute stands as a testament to the depth of his relationship with Perry, reminding us of the preciousness of genuine friendships.