It’s not unusual for someone to be knowledgeable about nutrition but unable to lose weight due to an improper mindset. This can also happen the other way around—a person has the right mindset for weight loss but doesn’t know enough about nutrition to formulate a healthy diet.

Weight loss programs that involve crash dieting and vigorous exercise sessions never produce long-lasting results and jumping right into a nutritious plant-based diet can be challenging for people who don’t take the right approach.

Healthy Emmie, a nutrition expert and health coach, was fed up with the weight loss industry. Not only were the programs that she was seeing confusing and contradictory, but she noticed that most programs were unsustainable and set clients up for failure. They failed to address the importance of mindset and neglected the importance of sustainability in a diet plan.

Healthy Emmie’s Slim on Starch Program has helped thousands of people make significant positive changes in their lives by focusing on the importance of both mindset and nutrition. “My mission with this program was to help people avoid years of confusion and frustration on the diet hamster wheel. 

Now, living a healthy and plant-based lifestyle is more accessible than ever with the personalized coaching services my program offers,” stated Healthy Emmie, founder of Slim on Starch. “Many other weight loss programs fail to emphasize the importance of mindset, which is what sets us apart from the rest. With my program, I share the tools and secrets that have benefited me on my journey to living a healthy life.”

Each client that enters the Slim on Starch Program is assigned a nutrition coach and a mindset coach based on their particular needs. The program provides one-on-one coaching and group support to create an environment of accountability and organic motivation. Clients can also access the mobile application designed for the program where they can track their meals and progress, as well as receive accountability reviews from Emmie and her team.

By emphasizing the value of mindset within her weight loss program, Healthy Emmie has changed the game for plant-based nutrition and weight loss. “Getting healthy is easier than ever with the appropriate tools, including proper nutrition and the right mindset,” the program founder stated. “Thousands of people have benefitted from Slim on Starch due to our unique approach to nutrition and changing your mindset. We help people to create healthy, long-standing habits on their journey to weight loss.”

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In addition to her successful nutrition coaching program, Healthy Emmie has racked up hundreds of thousands of followers on her social media accounts, where she shares tips and tricks for plant-based eating. On YouTube, her educational videos have received over 6.7 million views to date.