Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty

The iconic Heidi Klum lies gracefully on a plush pink couch in her latest risqué Instagram photo.

For those who know and adore Heidi Klum, Halloween is more than just a day of treats and trickery; it’s the time to marvel at the supermodel’s ingenious costume ideas. As her fans wait with bated breath for this year’s big reveal, Klum, ever the showstopper, decided to tease them with a sultry image of herself in the nude.

Taking to Instagram, the 50-year-old posed effortlessly on a soft pink couch, providing a sharp contrast to the intricate painting on the wall behind her, which captured a mesmerizing ocean wave hovering over two people in a passionate embrace.

Klum’s caption, “The calm before the storm,” alluded to the forthcoming Halloween celebrations, with a cheeky hint towards her ensemble for the year, “GO BIG OR GO HOME 🥳.”

Renowned for her unparalleled Halloween costumes, Klum’s previous outfit – a remarkably realistic worm get-up that left only her face and feet exposed – was the talk of the town. Each year, she manages to outdo herself, leaving fans and the fashion world astounded by her creativity and dedication.

Discussing her Halloween costume choices in a recent interview, Klum mentioned, “I always try to find things that people naturally wouldn’t do. Most people lean towards the usual—nurses, police officers, and such. I’ve always sought out the unseen.”

From hosting her very first Halloween bash in 2000, where she sported a patent-leather dirndl reminiscent of the Heidi from Johanna Spyri’s beloved children’s tales, to more adventurous and complex costumes over the years, Klum has continually set the bar high. Fans fondly recall her metamorphosis into a robot, a skinless person, an old woman, and even the sultry Jessica Rabbit. One of her memorable recent get-ups saw Klum and husband Tom Kaulitz portraying Fiona and Shrek from the popular animated film series.

As the suspense builds for this year’s outfit, one thing’s for certain: Klum is not about to let her Halloween enthusiasts down. With the stage set and the anticipation at its peak, everyone is eager to see what the queen of Halloween has in store for 2023.