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As you grow older, it becomes more important than ever to pay attention to your health. Fortunately, advances in modern technology open new avenues in healthcare through wellness tracking, virtual record keeping, and insurance resources. Staying healthy has never been easier for seniors, especially if you use this advice presented by

Use Current Tech Tools

These days, having a capable smartphone is key to ensuring that you are in the best possible health. From health-related apps and brain-training games to Medicare enrollment, an able phone puts an abundance of tools at your fingertips.

If you’re currently using an older model phone, you might find it bogs down with newer apps — if it runs them at all. Newer phones have the memory, speed, and power to run apps efficiently, and on top of that, there are providers these days with unlimited data plans, so you don’t need to worry about watching how much you use your phone.

You can always upgrade your phone and plan something with the features and data you require. Often, providers will offer discounts on a new device when you sign up for a new plan, so keep an eye out for the best deals. And don’t forget to get a case that will protect it from damage due to inevitable drops — there are so many stylish options now that are equal parts attractive and durable.

Keep Track of Your Health

With a current smartphone to operate them, you can download a number of immensely helpful apps to keep track of every aspect of your health. Below are just a couple of the best health trackers on the market.

RxMindMe Prescription

RxMindMe Prescription is a helpful app that reminds you when to take your medications, tracks the dosages, and allows you to schedule refills. Instead of having to count the pills in your bottles or use a daily pill organizer, the app tracks it for you. That way, you can be sure you never miss a dose or run out of your medication. Once you have taken your medication, you simply mark it as “Taken,” so you can always double-check.


With the GenieMD app, you can easily manage your day-to-day health via your smartphone. The app allows you to track your blood pressure, cholesterol or glucose level and provides custom reports to help you and your doctor to make more informed decisions. In addition, the GenieMD app provides medication tracking, so that you never miss a dose, and will notify you of any potential medication interactions if you have a new prescription.

It’s important to take care of yourself throughout life, and it can seem pretty complex as a senior. Thankfully, technology can simplify it for you. Look at the tools and advantages it’ll bring so you can enjoy great health throughout your golden years.