Energetic and uplifting, are the adjectives used to describe emerging Hip Hop artist Cornerstore Bazz. He is a music genius impacting the lives of people in Rockland County NY, The wordsmith is building a huge movement one fan at a time. His recent tri-state tour was a success. His songs are catchy and personal and they touch on real-life experiences. Cornerstore Bazz has put his stamp on the independent music game with his laid-back confidence and witty wordplay. It’s only a matter of time before his vibe and authentic sound make an impact globally.


Cornerstore Bazz is the complete package, he is a writer and producer. There’s a lot of vision behind his music. He’s about bringing energy and a party atmosphere for any occasion. This young phenom is being showered with praises, and admiration for his diverse style and captivating image. He has the focus, drive, and work ethic of a seasoned industry vet. The dynamic artist spins stories of life, triumph, and overcoming adversity on the way to stardom. Cornerstore Bazz will make a big impact with his upcoming single “Moon Walker” which will be released on April 4thN

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