The House of Hermes of Paris, France was initially renowned for its leather harnesses and saddles then transitioned to making leather goods. Since they were already manufacturing leather goods, it was only natural for the House of Hermes to eventually venture into making leather straps for watches. Nowadays, the House of Hermes produces luxury watches to complement its expertise in the fashion apparel world. The commonality is quality.

Read on to find out more about what this brand can offer you. And you might also find yourself wanting a Hermes timepiece for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones.

Why You Should Buy a House of Hermes Watch

Contrary to what many people may think, Hermes Watches are actually quite affordable considering they are quality luxury timepieces. For example, a Hermès Slim d’Hermes Manufacture watch is made out of titanium, yet it costs around 7,300 USD. A Hermès Faubourg watch, on the other hand, has diamond and gold rose parts yet can be bought at 19,000 USD.

Prices like these put the Hermes watches within reach of middle-class consumers who are upwardly mobile. You may buy yourself a Hermes watch if you want to leave a positive impression on your superiors when attending a company event. Your Hermes watch may also be suitable if you are aiming for higher education credentials, such as earning your MBA at university. People will know that you have taste when it comes to what you place on your wrist.

Women Are Heroes at the House of Hermes

The very first watch created for the House of Hermes was for Jacqueline Hermes, daughter of Emile Hermes. Emile attached leather straps to this pocket watch so that Jacqueline would be able to wear it. Not surprisingly, the current watches from the House of Hermes are predominantly ladies watches. The watches are meant to complement women’s luxury apparel, jewelry, and leather bags too. Women rule when it comes to their quality products.

Since the watches of House of Hermes are meant to be worn with luxury apparel and accessories, it doesn’t make sense to shop for sports watches under their brand name. Actually, the trend is for Hermes watches to be slim and sleek. Some are actually as slim as 15.5 mm to 17 mm. This makes them perfect for consumers who are equally lean and petite.

Because of the House of Hermes’ roots in the leather-making business, each watch strap used is made from real quality leather. This adds to their appeal. This may also explain why House of Hermes has also started offering men’s watches as well. Leather has that rugged characteristic that may appeal to men too.

Famous Folk Love House of Hermes Watches

There are some celebrities who do enjoy wearing House of Hermes creations. Some of these recognizable names in the showbiz industry are Kelly Rutherford, Gwyneth Paltrow, Isla Fisher, and Rose Huntington-Whiteley.

Technical Features of the House of Hermes Watches

When you set out to purchase a House of Hermes watch, you have two options: mechanical and quartz. There are actually seven collections that you can consider buying under House of Hermes, namely:

  1. Galop d’Hermes
  2. Kelly
  3. Nantucket
  4. Cape Cod
  5. Arceau
  6. Heure H
  7. Faubourg

In case you were wondering, the Cape Cod collection is the one that many people seek the most. So it isn’t surprising that the most number of watch models are found under this particular collection. It features both ladies’ watches and men’s watches. Men’s watches are estimated to be priced at around 3000 USD while the ladies’ watches may cost up to 13,000 USD each.

Acquire Your Own House of Hermes Watches Second Hand

Some people are lucky enough to have spouses or partners who can afford to buy House of Hermes watches for them that are brand new at the prevailing market prices. However, if you are buying one for yourself, you might be tentative at plunking down your hard-earned cash for a watch.

Fear not, it is always possible to buy yourself a pre-owned House of Hermes watch. Some retailers may even consider selling this kind of watch to you through installment payment schemes. This is good news because brand new House of Hermes watches cost thousands of dollars each. Yes, these watches are less costly than other luxury watches – but they are still luxury items. Buying them secondhand is a good option.

There are some considerations when you are buying a secondhand watch though:

  • Make sure it has papers certifying who sold it to you. The previous owner can be an individual or belongs to an estate. If so, you need to ask them for a document stating who previously owned it and that they sold it to you at a particular price.
  • The papers should state the state or condition that the watch was in when it was sold to you.
  • You may also want the document to state that you can get a refund of your payment if the watch starts to malfunction or even stops working altogether. This is a priority. Don’t assume that just because the watch is presently in working condition that it will stay that way forever.
  • Make sure there are photos of the watch itself, just to back up the document.

With this kind of documentation, you may be able to acquire that perfect House of Hermes watch that will match your fashion sense.


The House of Hermes has been around all these years because their artisans are dedicated to making quality products. The House of Hermes may have started with utilitarian products (namely, leather harnesses and horse saddles) but now they are renowned for their luxury timepieces too. 

The good news is that you won’t have to go far just to find your own House of Hermes watches. You can find Hermes watches online at the Hermes website. Or you can scout around for online retailers who sell watches from the House of Hermes. This makes it easier for you to acquire a Hermes watch for yourself or for a loved one. (Don’t forget their perfume, jewelry, and women’s apparel by the way.) So get your act together and go find that perfect House of Hermes watch now. Your time has come.