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Today, Technology has emerged like never before. It is this high and advanced technology that is able to produce smart devices. All of these have made our lives easier and convenient. What’s the surprising reason behind this? The answer to that is Big data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Its contribution to the tech world is just huge. Talking about Artificial Intelligence, it aims at mimicking human intelligence into machines. One of the important aspects of Artificial Intelligence is Machine Learning. Machine learning is all about training the machines to learn from their past experiences and figure out trends, patterns, and insights in the existing information.

With this growing technology, it has also produced more and more work opportunities for the tech-professionals. According to the research, The machine learning market is expected to grow from $1 Billion in 2016 to USD 9 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 44% during the forecast period.

This shows how much the world is going to adopt machine learning in the next few years. Now is the time that you should upskill yourself to become job-ready. Read out this article to know more about machine learning and how a machine learning course in Canada can just help you to achieve your career goals.

Who is a Machine Learning Engineer?

Machine learning is the capability of the machines to learn about the data on their own. The data is fed into the machines, thereafter it learns about its patterns and information on its own, based upon the past data it has been fed. As soon as it learns, it develops new algorithms of data. It can be compared to the traditional programming methods, in which the data is fed by humans and based upon the desired output, the results are calculated. So basically traditional programming involves human intellect to a great extent. The algorithms and the outputs are mostly developed by programmers.

So comparatively, machine learning is a more helpful form of technology. As it is more advanced and sophisticated, it becomes a more interesting feature in our lives. We can see it in our daily lives too. All of these features, whether on social media apps or other important applications, offer interesting suggestions and a robust user experience.

Machine learning is part of Artificial Intelligence. Often these two terms are interchangeably used. While achieving the goal of artificial intelligence, machine learning is one of the ways to make systems smarter and powerful.

Therefore a machine learning engineer is a professional who is well trained about the machine learning concepts and methods, by which they can develop machine learning applications comprising advanced features.

Skills Required to Become a Machine Learning Engineer

One can only become a good machine learning engineer if he has all of the skill sets required to perform machine learning operations. Below listed are all the requirements to become a machine learning engineer:

  • Advanced and important math skills such as statistics, calculus, linear algebra, and probability
  • Programming languages such as Python, R, Java. the candidate should be proficient in at least one of these.
  • Proper knowledge of types of machine learning i.e Supervised, Unsupervised, and Reinforcement Learning.
  • Data preprocessing, Data manipulation, and data visualization.
  • Understanding the data sets, their sources, identifying, organizing, and classifying them for future use. Data regressions, patterns, trends, etc are also included with possible anomalies.
  • Hands-on experience on some of the important machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Pytorch, Sci-kit learns Google Cloud ML Engine. The usage of frameworks largely depends upon the type of programming language used and the data sets.
  • Understanding of Big data and Hadoop
  • Experience in working with related applications such as Business intelligence tools like Tableau and QlikView.

Apart from all of the above technical skills, the professional must have a strong foundation of soft skills as well. The ability to communicate important aspects and lead the tasks is another important part of the profession.

The machine learning skills can even be applied to related tech-professions such as Data Engineer, AI engineer, data scientist, business intelligence analyst, data analyst, and more.

The Career of a Machine Learning Engineer

The machine learning engineer is responsible for designing self-learning algorithms for the machines. Along with that, they develop smart applications and devices that run on their own. All of these skills can be applied to different industries since AI is being vastly adopted today. To make sure that the candidate has a good skill set, he must take some certification courses in machine learning. The certifications help to train the professionals in important aspects such as reinforcement learning, supervised and unsupervised learning, deep learning, mathematical and statistical concepts, etc. Some advanced tools and applications are also covered in the courses. This will make the professional job-ready, by making them stand out of the crowd. With excellent technical skills, the professional will thus be able to put forward the best skillset at the table.

Along with that, the machine learning engineer will be able to work in different job industries. So, the skills of a machine learning engineer are useful in different job positions such as:

  • Machine learning engineer
  • Lead Machine learning engineer
  • Senior Machine learning engineer
  • Principal Machine learning engineer
  • Machine learning software engineer
  • Data scientist positions

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a machine learning engineer is $121,863. Based upon the location and the skill sets, the salaries and the bonuses vary.

The Bottom Line

Since technology is booming and more growth is expected from it in the upcoming years, it will be best for everybody to make themselves stay in the competition. Whoever adopts the growing technology, will be able to witness its benefits later on. For professionals already working in the tech industry or fresh graduates looking for job opportunities, machine learning is one of the promising career options today. So start your career by learning all of the mentioned skills. The skills that are listed above can best be learned with the help of certification courses in machine learning. Since they cover all of the topics and tools, you don’t have to worry about missing something important. Not just that, they also train you from experienced working professionals.