How Does Disney Vacation Club Work?

Orlando, Florida was recently named the largest U.S. travel and tourism city destination due mainly to parks like Disney World. If you’re also interested in making the most of your trips to the many Disney destinations, you might want to invest in one of the most popular timeshare programs available. 

If you’re a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member, you get access to many unique perks and more flexible booking opportunities. You can create a home away from home in this magical wonderland. 

Here’s what you need to know about DVC. 

How Does Disney Vacation Club Work? 

If you or your family frequently visit the Disney parks, you may want to become a DVC member. 

Disney Vacation Club is a timeshare program. Members buy a small percentage of ownership in one of the many resorts. This location becomes your home resort, where you get preferential booking. 

When you start as a member of DVC, you’ll buy Disney vacation points to use each year. You can select the number of points that align with your vacation goals, such as how often you want to visit. 

Keep in mind there is a minimum number of points you need to buy. 

The Benefits of DVC

Becoming a Disney Vacation Club member offers many benefits. For example, you get to experience the magic of your favorite parks and resorts every year. Reservations are also available to DVC members before non-members, meaning it’s easier to book a room in your favorite spot. 

You can use your Disney vacation program points at one of the many resorts as well as at destinations worldwide. 

There’s a lot of flexibility in selecting when, where, and how often you’d like to visit. Eligible members also get access to special events and experiences, like the Moonlight Magic events. 

When you’re a DVC member, you can easily look up your property’s value when you click here. Knowing the value helps you make the best financial decision if you choose to sell. 

Is It Worth Joining? 

Investing in a timeshare is a big decision. Whether Disney Vacation Club is right for you depends on how often you plan to go to your favorite resorts and how much you want to spend. 

Make sure to look into the costs of membership and consider the length of the contract you’re signing. Look up the price of vacation points and ensure you can buy enough to meet the minimum requirement. 

Members do receive special perks, such as knowing they get preferential bookings, which means they have a vacation spot ready for years to come. Members also get access to events and specials, which may make the cost of DVC worth it for them. 

Make Your Dreams Come True

Now you no longer have to ask, “How does Disney Vacation Club work?” Of course, if you still have questions about the best option, chat with an agent. They’ll be happy to help you learn more. 

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