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Recruiting top talent has never been more challenging. Organizations are investing in more staff augmentation services to attract the brightest and best people. In fact, a recent study from staffing firm Answerable found that 73 percent of HR leaders believe the talent shortage will worsen in the next year. The same study also found that 66 percent of HR leaders struggle to find qualified applicants for open positions at their companies. In response to these challenges, many businesses are turning to outsourcing and staff augmentation solutions to help them with their recruitment efforts.

So, why are more companies investing in these services now? Well, it can be said that traditional recruiting methods aren’t cutting it anymore. The rise of social media and new online channels has made it easier for job seekers to find the perfect role at another company – even before their current project ends. As a result, businesses must be more strategic about how they search for new talent.

Let’s take a closer look at how staff augmentation can help your business overcome your own unique hiring challenges and save time and money while doing it.

Know Your Recruiting ROI Before You Spend

Before you spend any money on recruiting new employees, you need to know how much you’ll spend on those efforts and what their return will be for your business. For example, if your company pays $50,000 to hire a new business analyst, but that employee ends up only staying with your company three months before quitting, your recruiting ROI is -$50,000. Recruiting is one of the most costly parts of running a business, so you must be strategic about which roles you hire for and how much you spend on recruiting new employees. To ensure that you’re making the best use of your company’s recruiting budget, start by finding out which positions are currently open at your company. Then, calculate how much you spend on each recruiting effort for each open position. From there, you can calculate how much it would cost to hire for each open position for the following year. This way, you’ll have a better idea of how much you can spend on recruiting efforts and which positions you should focus on hiring for first.

Hire Only the Best Talent for Specific Roles

When it comes to outsourcing vs staff augmentation, the biggest challenge is deciding between multiple qualified candidates. When this happens, many business leaders are tempted to hire a candidate who’s almost like the person holding that position. But if you hire for the wrong role, you could end up with employees who aren’t a good fit for your company. This can lead to higher turnover, lower productivity, and reduced company culture.

To see how staffing firms can help with your recruiting efforts, identify the open positions at your company that you’d like to fill. Then, contact a few staffing firms in your area and let them know what positions you need to fill. From there, the staffing firm will talk with you about your hiring needs and may ask you to complete a staffing request form to help them understand your hiring challenges better.

Staff Augmentation: Solving Your Recruitment Challenges

1. Staff Augmentation Can Help with Your Recruiting Efforts

One of the best ways to solve your company’s hiring challenges is to partner with a third-party staffing firm to gain access to a larger candidate pool of skilled and experienced talent. Staffing firms partner with agencies across the country to access a larger talent pool than their local markets can provide. Plus, many staffing firms specialize in specific industries, skill sets, and functional areas, so they can often find candidates who are a better match for specific positions than you can find on your own.

2. Staff Augmentation Helps You Find The Right Employees Fast

When you partner with a staff augmentation company, you can often receive access to the talent they have available within days or even hours. This allows you to quickly fill open positions and keep your company’s operations running at full speed. Plus, many staffing firms will enable you to hire contractors, consultants, and full-time employees through their platforms. This allows you to hire the talent you need when you need it without having to hire full-time employees.

3. Staff Augmentation Can Help Reduce Turnover in your Current Employee Pool

The sooner you identify employees who aren’t a good fit for your company, the better. That’s because turnover can be incredibly expensive when finding new employees and onboarding new hires. Plus, turnover can have a negative impact on employee engagement and company culture. That’s why ensuring that your employees are the right ones for your company is essential. One of the best ways to do this is by identifying the employees who aren’t a good fit for your company and hiring them as quickly as possible.

4. Staff Augmentation Allows You To Test New Jobs and Roles

One of the best ways to determine whether a new hire will make a good fit for a role is by having them try it out first. For example, if you’re hiring for a sales role and want to test whether a candidate’s a good fit for the job, you could have them sell your products to a few customers using your company’s sales process. From there, you can determine whether the candidate is a good fit for the sales role or if they’re better suited for another position at your company. To see how you can test new jobs and roles at your company, identify the roles you’re hiring for. Then, come up with creative ways to test the candidates for those roles to determine whether they’d be a good fit for the position.

5. Staff Augmentation Helps Find Quality Candidates Fast

Partnering with a staffing firm can help you find quality candidates quickly. Make sure to identify the open positions you need to fill at your company. Then, contact a few staffing firms in your area to let them know what positions you need to fill. From there, the staffing firm will talk with you about your hiring needs and may ask you to complete a staffing request form to help them understand your hiring challenges better.