To learn precisely how to clean a norelco electric razor, follow our guidelines based on your electric razor. Before cleaning your electric shaver, continuously ensure it is waterproof by looking for a tap or bath sign released on its back. Cleansing your razor will keep it sharp, and the gel strip lubed. Razor blades that aren’t preserved correctly will become much less sharp and more delicate with time. Cleansing your razor is essential for security.

If your razor isn’t cleaned correctly after each usage, it can collect dead skin cells and other debris that can harbor microorganisms. Razors that aren’t effectively cleaned up can build up dead skin cells and particles, and bring about infection. Even if you don’t reduce on your own often, razor bumps are open invites to pathogenic microbes. We suggest you clean your electric shaver after every shave for optimum effectiveness. Depending upon your electric razor variation, you may see an alert indication of remembering your electric razor as a pointer to cleanse it.

For particular cleaning standards for your shaver version, describe the user manual.

Electric razors with a one-touch open system

A few of the current Razor styles have a one-touch open system.

To clean these electric razors, comply with the activities below.

  • Activate the electric shaver.
  • Wash the cutting system under a cozy faucet.
  • Switch off the shaver. Press the launch button to open the reducing device.
  • Wash the hair chamber under a warm faucet.
  • Clean the reducing head proprietor under a warm faucet.
  • Extensively get rid of excess water and let the cutting head holder air-dries totally.
  • Shut the cutting gadget.
  • You can also clean razor with alcohol.

Cleaning the click-on accessories of a Norelco electric razor

Some shavers consist of click-on attachments like a beard design or a cleaning brush. It is vital to preserving these devices clean. 

You can draw them with your Philips Norelco electric razor and wash them with comfortable water. Once it is clean and dry, it can be reconstructed on your razor.

Please define the private guidebook for details on the attachments that include your electric razor and how to clean Philips Norelco electric razor.

Cleaning up Philips Electric Razor with the Philips Smart Clean system

You can clean up several Philips Electric razors in the smart clean system. Please see the guidelines listed below on cleansing your electric razor in the smart clean system.

Rinse the razor under a warm water tap and shake off excess water.

First, you must press the top part of your smart clean system to open the area where you can place your electric shaver. Hold your electric razor upside-down, guide it in the smart clean system’s instructions, and area it in the  owner.

– Turn the electric razor in reverse and push down the leading cap of the razor system till you hear a clicking noise, verifying that the razor is locked in.

– Press the on/off turn on the smart clean system to start the cleansing program. A cleansing sign blinks on the system verifying that the cleansing program is functioning.

– If you have added problems relating to the cleansing directions of your Philips Electric shaver, explain your customer manual or call us for support. Use same way guide to clean brori razor

Cleaning Up a Norelco electric razor with a Quick Clean Covering

If your razor features a Quick Clean Capsule, find out how to utilize it to cleanse your electric razor. Please keep in mind that only the electric razors that include a Quick Clean Sheathing in the box are compatible with this system.

Transform it upside-down to swiftly verify if your razor is compatible with the Quick Clean Husk. If you see that the cleaning suggestion (3 dots) turns blue, this recommends you can utilize the Quick Clean Vessel to clean this razor. 

Prepare the Quick Clean Case for use and area the cleansing cartridge in it

The electric razor instantly detects it in the Philips Quick Clean Covering.

Switch on the razor to begin the cleaning program. Each cleaning program takes roughly one min. The cleaning icon illuminates continually throughout the cleansing program and the heaven symbol pulses. The cleaning program is created to have paused to guarantee the best performance. When the cleansing program is finished, the razor cares for trembles two times.

Enable the shaver air-dry entirely in the Philips Quick Clean Covering before keeping it

Remember: If you use the electric razor with reducing foam, cutting gel, or pre-shave items, cleans the cutting heads totally before utilizing the Philips. Always tremble excess water off the electric razor before putting it in the Norelco Quick Clean Case. 

Enjoy process to clean razor.