To learn how to clean a philips norelco electric razor, follow our guidelines listed below based on your electric razor. Before cleaning your electric shaver, constantly make sure it is water-resistant by seeking a tap or bath symbol published on its back. 

We advise you to clean your shaver after every shave for optimum efficiency. Depending on your electric shaver version, you may see an alert sign recalling your electric razor as a pointer to clean it.

For specific cleaning guidelines for your shaver version, refer to the user guidebook.

Electric shavers with a one-touch open system

A few of the latest Philips Razor designs have a one-touch open system.

  • To cleanse these electric razors, comply with the actions below.
  • Activate the electric shaver.
  • Rinse the cutting system under a warm faucet.
  • Turn off the shaver. Press the launch switch to open the cutting device.
  • Wash the hair chamber under a warm tap.
  • Wash the cutting head owner under a warm faucet.
  • Thoroughly shake off excess water and let the shaving head holder air-dries entirely.
  • Shut the shaving device.

Cleaning the click-on accessories of Philips Shavers

Some Philips Shavers include click-on add-ons like a beard style or a cleansing brush. It is essential to maintain these accessories clean.

You can draw them with your electric razor and wash them with cozy water. Once it is tidy and dry, it can be reconstructed on your razor. To clean razor after shaving is not difficult, even you can use this guide to clean simple razors. 

For information on the add-ons that feature your electric razor and exactly how to cleanse them, please describe the individual guidebook.

Cleaning up Philips Electric Razor with the Philips Smart Clean system

Several Philips Shavers can be cleaned in the Philips SmartClean system. Please see the instructions listed below on cleaning your shaver in the SmartClean system.

Rinse the razor under a warm water tap and shake off excess water.

  • Firstly you need to press the top part of your Philips SmartClean system to open up the area where you can place your electric shaver. Hold your shaver upside-down, direct it in the SmartClean system’s direction, and area it in the SmartClean holder.
  • Turn the electric razor in reverse and press down the leading cap of the SmartClean system till you hear a clicking noise, confirming that the razor is locked in.
  • Press the on/off switch on the SmartClean system to start the cleaning program. A cleaning sign blinks on the SmartClean system verifying that the cleansing program is working.
  • If you have extra concerns relating to the cleansing directions of your Philips Electric shaver, describe your customer guidebook or call us for assistance.

Cleaning Up Philips Shaver with a Quick Clean Covering

If your razor comes with a Quick Clean Capsule, learn here how to utilize it to cleanse your shaver. Please keep in mind that only the electric razors that feature a Quick Clean Sheathing in the box are compatible with this system. Clean Norelco electric razor with the help of experts guide. 

To swiftly validate if your razor is compatible with the Quick Clean Pod, transform it upside down. If you see that the cleaning suggestion (3 dots) turns blue, this suggests you can utilize the Quick Clean Vessel to clean this razor.

Prepare the Quick Clean Pod for usage and location the cleaning cartridge in it

The electric razor instantly spots it in the Philips Quick Clean Covering.

Switch on the razor to begin the cleaning program. Each cleansing program takes roughly one minute. The cleaning icon lights up continuously throughout the cleaning program and the blue icon pulses. The cleaning program is developed to have stopped briefly to ensure the best performance. When the cleansing program is completed, the razor takes care of shakes two times.

Allow the shaver air-dry totally in the Philips Quick Clean Shell before storing it.

Note: If you use the shaver with cutting foam, cutting gel, or pre-shave products, washes the shaving heads entirely before utilizing the Philips. Always shake excess water off the electric shaver before putting it in the Philips Quick Clean Pod.

Here is the best guide to clean razor. If you have any type of Philips razor then enjoy the following steps to clean it.