If you want to know how to clean an electric razor, this guide is for you. Even though you may want to keep your electric razor clean, if you are running late in the morning, likely, you’re only giving your razor a quick rinse after shaving. Clean your electric razor will ensure that the blades don’t become dull too quickly and are also an essential aspect of good hygiene to prevent skin infections.

While you may agree that cleaning a razor is a good idea, and you might be already cleaning it to some extent, most people don’t know how to clean an electric razor properly. You might be surprised at the best and worst cleaning methods for razor care. Continue reading to find out how your current cleaning routine compares to the recommended method for cleaning your razor.

Why is it essential to clean an electric razor?

Cleansing your razor will keep it sharp and the gel strip lubricated. Razor blades that aren’t maintained properly will become less sharp and more fragile over time. Cleaning your razor is essential for safety. Clean Norelco electric razor carefully. 

If your razor isn’t cleaned properly after each use, it can collect dead skin cells and other debris that can harbor bacteria. Razors that aren’t properly cleaned can accumulate dead skin cells and debris, leading to infection. Even if you don’t cut yourself often, razor bumps are open invitations to pathogenic microbes.

Keep your electric razor tip-top!

Do you remember the last time you cleaned your electric razor? A deep-clean may be the best thing to do if your electric razor is not working as well as it used to. 

When I should clean my electric razor

You can keep your electric razor in tip-top shape by cleaning it regularly and maintaining it until it reaches its natural end. You could end up with it breaking down.

Let’s discuss how to clean an electric razor?

You may have an electric razor that has a sanitation and washing station. That allows you to clean and dry the razor automatically so that you can get shaved again. If you don’t have an electric razor with an automatic cleaning station, you will need to clean the foils and blades manually. You can use this guide to clean brori electric razor or to clean Philips Norelco electric razor

Here are the few steps about cleaning your electric razor that you need to follow:

Step 1:

Remove trapped hairs

To dry shave, remove the top of your electric razor. That will expose the foils and blades. Most electric razors with rotary blades open flip, but clippers and those with foils can often pop off. 

Use a razor brush or a small soft toothbrush to remove stray hairs. To loosen hairs, avoid touching the razor to anything.

However, if necessary, gently tap the razor’s body or plastic parts and not the blades. To remove gunk from shaving cream, you will need to rinse your razor.

After you have removed all hairs, replace the cutting block.

Step 2:

Add liquid soap and water to the blades

After rinsing the blades, add a few drops of dish detergent or liquid antibacterial soap.

Step 3:

Turn the razor on to make suds

Turn the razor on and let it create a foamy lather of soap for 15 seconds. You can add more water if necessary.

Step 4:

Rinse the razor thoroughly

Run the razor blades under warm running water to rinse the soap off.

Step 5: 

Remove the head and rinse it

Turn off the razor and remove the cassette or head. Rinse it well, making sure to clean all edges and between the foils and blades.

You can also use alcohol to clean razor, clean razor using alcohol.

Step 6:

Let the razor air dry completely

Allow the razor to dry completely, disassembled, in a well-ventilated area.

When I should clean my electric razor?

electric razor tip top

There are two basic types of cleaning of an electric razor that everyone needs to do. The first one is daily. The second one is related to the deep cleaning done weekly or at least monthly. Here is the detail of how to do this:

Daily cleaning

It would help if you got into the habit of giving your electric razor a quick clean now and again. The growth rate of your facial hair will determine how often you need to clean it. Some men prefer to shave every day, while others may wait until they have had two or three shaves. Don’t wait too much.

Easy to clean electric razor; it doesn’t matter if you use a foil or rotary razor; it is easy to take off the cover that holds the cutting cassette or rotary blades. To gently remove any clippings from the inside, tap the handle. To clean the inside of the razor, you can take out the cutter block or foils.

Read the guide:

Manufacturers suggest that you do not brush the foils or cutter blocks as they are delicate and easily damaged. Even the slightest dent or warp can cause severe damage to your electric razor’s performance.

You can wash some razor’s heads under running water. First, run water under the head to clean any shavings. Next, release the button on the shaving head holders to access the blades. Let the water run for about 30 seconds or until you see no debris.

It is good to read the manual to get the best results for your model. You can almost always find a copy of the manual on the manufacturer’s site if you have lost it.

Deep cleaning your electric razor:

You will need to clean your electric razor at least once per month if you don’t own a model with a cleaning dock. It’s not difficult and requires a little more effort than your every day clean.

Instead of simply removing the lid from the casing and cleaning the blades with a brush, it’s essential to eradicate the cutting cassette and blades from your electric razor head. There will be a buildup of material around the blades, so make sure to give it a thorough brushing.

All parts should be cleaned, including the body.

After you’ve cleaned your razor, it’s advisable to put a drop of light machine oil on the blades/foil to keep them well lubricated – you usually get a small bottle of this in the box with a new razor. So, don’t forget to clean razor gently.