In this guide, we will show you exactly how to clean brori electric razor, be it rotary or aluminum foil, in only a few fast and effortless actions. The most effective part of? It will take you less than a minute to do it. Cleaning your brori electric razor is the solitary most crucial thing you can do– alongside lubrication– to lengthen its life and guarantee ideal efficiency. Yes, an automatic cleaning terminal can take care of all that inconvenience.

However, not all razors come with one. Those that do usually are a lot more costly and suggest higher expenses of ownership– you will certainly require to acquire the cleaning solution too continuously. Fortunately, most modern-day electric razors are easy to clean by hand if you comply with an easy but effective regimen.

The very best way to clean up an electric shaver

We all have been utilizing different ways to clean electric razors for virtually 20 years, and also we can claim without a doubt that the most convenient, most reliable way to clean them is with warm tap water and a bit of liquid soap.

It, of course, suggests that your shaver is water-resistant and can be securely washed with water. If it’s not, you are practically destined to stick to dry cleansing completely 

So, before proceeding to the following part that reveals the exact steps, make sure your electric shaver is waterproof and can be cleaned with water.

You should explicitly provide these details in the specifications sheet of your shaver or the customer manual.

  • Do NOT wash your electric razor with water if it was not developed to handle it because it will undoubtedly damage it.
  • Before the case, see that the razor is turned off and not connected to a power outlet.

Considering that we’ll be using water to cleanse it, you don’t desire it to be plugged in for apparent security concerns.

With that said claimed, let’s see how to get it cleaned.

How to clean brori electric razor?

It is very important to clean razor after shaving, before or while using it. So, do it carefully.

1. Get rid of the majority of the hairs from the shaving head

When you have ended up shaving, get rid of the cutting head with the razor shut off and delicately touch the plastic frame on the sink or kitchen counter.

Tapping the cutting head on the sink to do away with the hairs!

Please do not hit the aluminum foils on a hard surface area; they can obtain damage quickly.

This simple action will undoubtedly remove the bulk of hairs from the shaving head. Alternatively, you can utilize a tiny brush only on the head’s inside and not straight on the foils.

If you use a rotating razor, some will have the front part of the shaving unit connected using a hinge, while others have it friction fitted and have to be eradicated.

Idea: Using a container of pressed air can additionally function terrific if you have one existing around.

If you use shaving lotion or gel, then touching or brushing the hairs is pretty much inconceivable as the shaving head will be packed with lather. Instead, offer it a quick rinse under the faucet.

2. Use a bit of water to the shaving head, and then pour a few decreases of liquid soap over the foils/combs

Use a bit of liquid soap on the foils.

You can use hand soap, recipe wash soap, or even shower gel.

3. Transform the razor on

Now switch on the razor to lather the soap.

We’ll want the soap to soap nicely and layer the foils/heads of the electric razor.

You’ll probably demand to include a little more water at this point, so use your liberty to spray a couple more drops and distribute the soap across the entire surface area of the cutting head.

Let the razor run for around 10 seconds.

Idea: Brori electric razors have a unique cleansing mode (brori mode) that is turned on by pressing and holding the power switch for a few seconds.

Clean the electric razor with soap and also water.

Clean up a brori razor in brori mode.

If you possess a brori razor, you’ll intend to take advantage of that as it will make the blades vibrate at a much greater rate, displacing any stubborn dirt and protecting against water dashes. If you want to know that how to clean razor blades then read our blog. 

4. With the razor still running, wash the head generously with warm faucet water

Rinsing the razor with water!

It will eliminate a lot of the foam and hair cuttings from the shaving head. Wash it for approximately 10 seconds.

  1. Transform the razor off, get rid of the cutting head, and rinse it thoroughly.

Removing and washing the cutting head once again.

Relying on your razor design, this can be a bit different.

For example, brori shavers have 2 internal (detachable) blades, and the rest are integrated into the aluminum foil block.

If you have a brori electric shaver, remove its foil structure and wash it thoroughly. Wash both inside and the outside of the shaver. 

5. Wash both internal blades as well– you don’t need to remove them from the shaver for this

If you possess a Brori electric razor, it utilizes a so-called cassette, more than likely.

That primarily means that the blades and foils are merged into a single piece (unlike the shaving head of most brori razors).

If that holds, remove the cassette, then wash it with water, both the outdoors and the inner part.

It’s essential to do it carefully since these cassettes have a very elaborate internal component that offers restricted accessibility and some dirt might remain trapped within.

The best method to avoid that is to often clean it in this fashion, preferably after every shave. Carefully clean razor head

If you possess a rotary razor, you have to open up or eliminate the top part of the shaving system and wash it.

As pointed out previously, the top part of the shaving head continues to be affixed on some models, especially the lower-end Philips Norelco razors. It can be quickly popped open with the journalism of a button.

Whichever the case may be, make sure to rinse every little thing extensively, both the within and the exterior.

6. Shake off excess water, delicately rub with a clean fabric and allow the parts to air dry completely

Allowing the shaver air to dry completely!

It’s incredibly vital to allow the blades and aluminum foils to dry before placing them back with each other and keeping the electric shaver in a cupboard or case.

If you fall short to do so, the continuing to be water will undoubtedly take a great deal more time to vaporize, and you might also encounter a wet shaving head the next day, which’s not optimal if you cut completely dry (and many of us do).

And do not, under any conditions, place the safety cap on if the cutting head is not completely dry.

If you’re regularly keeping the electric shaver with water caught inside the head, it can also establish a funky odor.

Your razor ought to now be squeaky clean, clean razor in the best way. So, don’t forget to follow this guide.