Many people want to know how to clean a safety razor. So you are also the one who has started and bought an appropriate safety razor, and also, you’re profiting from a far better cut. Yet razors made from solid steel tend to last a long time (a lifetime when effectively cared for) and will slowly gather dust through regular usage. It won’t be long before your shiny brand-new razor starts to look weary and dull. So here you will know how to clean a safety razor?

In this blog post, we’ll be looking at keeping your safety razor looking gleaming all day long. We’ll be assuming you bought your razor new and are not trying to restore a classic item since the approaches for cleansing are different. There is an outstanding article for cleansing vintage or pre-owned razors with issues such as exposed plating, rust, and extra below (badger and blade one above).

Do you know how dirt is your razor?

After a while, your razor obtains an oily build-up comprised mainly of soap and elemental particles in the form of dead skin cells and oils that cause it to lose its sparkle and, in many cases, can prevent the razor from giving a great cut.

You might likewise locate corrosion within the razor head. Most contemporary razors are plated with nickel or chrome, which will not cause corrosion; however, the blade you position in your razor isn’t, so it will start to decay.

If left in your razor long enough, the rust from your blade can obtain adhered to your razor. That isn’t trouble, and we’ll carry on to how to remove it. Usually women use safety razor. Our blog will help you to know how to clean a women’s razor

Must clean your razor daily!

The best method to have a clean razor is to clean it frequently! We advise providing your razor a quick clean every 2-3 uses. It just takes a minute and will save you time in the future and maintain it looking shiny.

Take apart your razor (leaving the blade to one side) and use an old-timer towel, wipe off any residue, buffering it to a luster.

And that’s it! That will undoubtedly be enough to maintain your razor looking its ideal.

Easy cleansing for the quality functioning

Yet suppose you’ve unclean it in a while and the deposit is way too much for a towel to remove? That is where an old toothbrush comes in useful. Using warm soapy water, you can brush off any stubborn bits.

The same goes for any corrosion left from an old blade. Toothpaste has been verified an effective cleaner for getting rid of stubborn bits of soap and particles as it lathers up nicely. If you have eyebrow razor in the shape of safety then use this blog to clean eyebrow razors

Easy way to eliminate blade rust of safety razor

One more excellent way to eliminate dirt and rust from a blade is to steam the razor. Carefully clean your safety razor and its blade method since it can damage the steel if you put it straight in the frying pan.

  • Firstly all you need to do is put your razor in a bowl-shaped sieve and after that, area this in a pan of boiling water.
  • Using a bowl-shaped sieve (or something comparable) keeps the razor away from the hot pan base and can make sure an even, specific temperature to boil it in.
  • Leave it boiling for 10 minutes, and afterward, take it out and allow it to cool before dealing with it.


Never include cold water to cool it! The sudden change in temperature level can harm your razor. Clean a safety razor easily and quickly. 

Once it has cooled down sufficiently to touch, you can start cleaning up the razor with a toothbrush and some warm soapy water. To end up, utilize a soft, completely dry towel to wipe off any staying bits and also leave it looking glossy.

Why do I need to clean my safety razor?

Numerous write-ups online will speak about utilizing a high percentage (90 %+) alcohol to sanitize your razor in between usages. This complication stems from old barbershops that would use good stuff between clients to sterilize their tools and stop cross-contamination. Besides, you would not want to be cut with the same razor that shaved someone else, recognizing exactly how healthy he is.

Presuming you were only putting yourself and got your razor new, it isn’t necessary to sterilize your razor and clean razor.