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Many kids need some encouragement to play sports, but it can be a fine line between making them believe it is something they actually want to do and putting them off entirely. Some kids would prefer to pay on their iPads and hate the great outdoors with a passion. However, you know this is not good for them and that they need to be doing other things instead and this can lead to a clash. Here are some tips on how to positively encourage your kids to play sports.

Find Something They Like

Not all kids are good at sports and if they suffer a lack of confidence or they know they don’t excel at team sports this could put them off trying. Instead of trying to make them play baseball or hockey think outside the box and get them interested in other things instead. Perhaps they would prefer martial arts or dance instead. This will still encourage them to keep fit and active and they will be encouraged to learn team skills and compete. However, if they find something they enjoy, they are more likely to want to do it.

Limit Screen Time

Limiting screen time is a fantastic way to encourage your kids to play sports because they are forced to play something other than computer games. This will leave them searching for something else to do in their spare time and you can positively encourage them to spend that time playing sports. A large part of the battle is getting the kids to the sports field in the first place but often once they have had a go and realized how much they love playing they will want to carry on.

Know Their Limitations

Not every child is going to be the next great sports star and sometimes knowing that they will never get to the top of their game puts kids off playing. However, you should know their limitations and encourage them to play within the realms that which they are comfortable. They might make a great amateur or weekend player and if they are encouraged to play at a level that they feel comfortable with, they are more likely to want to play.

Play with Them

Playing sports with your kids can help to encourage them as well as be a great bonding experience. If you get a little equipment you can set up some games in the back garden. For example, if you want to play baseball then all you need is a couple of bats and a ball and a great training tool such as a portable pitcher’s mound. These things are easy to store when you are not playing, and you can enjoy spending time with your kids and giving them the benefit of your sporting knowledge too.

Encourage Them to Be Part of a Team

Kids can learn a lot from being part of a team and it can sometimes be the shared experiences and comradery that will keep them interested in playing sports. They will not want to miss practice as they won’t want to let the rest of the team down. They may also fear that they will not be as good as they could be if they skip training. Creating them a social life and something to be a part of is a fabulous way to encourage kids to play sports.

Try these top five tips if you want to positively encourage your kids to play sports. It will help to keep them fit and healthy and teach them some important life skills too.