How to start a children's party organisation business

If you have decided to start a business to organise children’s parties at home, we will suggest some practical tips not to have surprises when applying this business model.

This business tries to provide customers with all the infrastructure and services necessary for their party’s organisation. It allows them to find a diversity of options to supply what their event requires and, better yet, find options for different budget levels.

The secret is to make it easier for your clients to organise by providing solutions and advice for their success. Finally, every parent wants their guests to have fun and have the best time, with minimal organisational stress. If you do want to hire for tent rentals you can hire Popupparties.

What is necessary to get started

The first step is to create a list of possible services to offer and define according to your investment budget which ones you are likely to start with. The idea is to start with some basic services and gradually include some other options as your capital grows.

As you can see, the possibilities of what can be supplied are vast. It would be best if you did not pretend to offer everything but start with what you can attend to and do well because remember that good references are valuable from the beginning to generate more customers in the future.

What services can you offer for the children’s party?

  • Adornment of the place (balloons, streamers, flower arrangements, among others.)
  • Furniture rental: chairs, tables, boards
  • Glassware rental: plates, cutlery, linens, which by the way can be disposable
  • Inflatable rental: slides, climbers, castles, etc. Different sizes for different age ranges.
  • Water inflatable rental: ideal for summer parties such as swimming pools, slides, squirt guns, sliders, etc.
  • Arcade game rental: ping-pong tables, futile tables, pool tables, basketball baskets, gotcha, etc.
  • Foodservice: hot dog carts, popcorn, soft-serve ice cream, pizza, or more formal food if required
  • Animation services: clowns (although it is not very fashionable anymore, it could be a good option if the interested party or birthday boy requires it), children’s plays, magicians, dances, mimes.
  • Musicalisation
  • Awnings rental
  • Sale and preparation of piñatas, sweets, etc.

The next step is a sales strategy so that our venture begins to take shape. We suggest the following.

A catalogue of children’s parties

First, it is ideal for preparing a detailed catalogue of this list that should have photos of the items and services that you can offer for rent with their measurements, specifications and rental prices (per hour). Of course, children’s parties usually last a full morning or afternoon, so ideal if at once you include an offer with a special price for 3 hours or more. The important thing is also to digitise the catalogue. Remember that today the InternetInternet is in our hands, so through an email or by publishing on social networks to download it, you can win more customers.


Here there is no option, today, or you have your website, or you do not exist, so you must have your space on the internet, see that all people interested in any activity or the purchase of products or services, search the InternetInternet to find what they need; hence we highly recommend making your website to promote your servicesThis is not very complicated. However, there are professionals who, at a low cost, give you your elegant and effective website.

Respond immediately to orders

What anyone expects when requesting information about your services is speed and clarity in prices. Remember that for a party to be successful, everything is in order and that the contracted days and hours be formally attended. Failures in these details can make a big difference and unnecessary claims from your clients. For this, it is essential to keep your controls on the agenda and comply with them without reservation.

Promote your children’s party business

You can start by making business cards to give to friends, family and acquaintances for their recommendation. It would be best if you also placed some classifieds on the InternetInternet and in the main subject directories on the web so that they can find you and request your services. And it is also very important today to invest some amount occasionally in Facebook advertising which can be very targeted and effective.

This point is concurrent with the realisation of your website since it is practically like your virtual office where your clients will go. This will even prevent you from hiring a physical office, which you will have to pay month by month, not only the rent but also various services. With the website and an internet connection from your home, you can attend to requests, call your partners or collaborators and specify the organisation.

We hope we have helped you with ideas to set up your business on the organisation of children’s parties, be it a minor commercial premise to the assembly in a room for its development. Remember that if you give customers a whole package of services and not just a few products, your portfolio will increase your profitability.