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Scrunch bum style tights accentuate curves and help avoid back pain. Scrunched tights can add an extra bit of flair to an outfit, making it more stylish and contemporary.

Wearing scrunched tights can brighten up the wardrobe and add fun colour. This is especially true if the tight wearer has a more subdued colour palette in the wardrobe. Adding some pops of colour with scrunch bum tights can stand out from the crowd.

One of the great things about scrunched tights is that they are both practical and comfortable. Won’t have to typically worry about them riding up or feeling tight on the legs.

How To Style Shorts And Skirts With Scrunched Bum Tights

When choosing scrunch bum tights, it’s essential to remember the type of look you are going for. There are three main types of scrunchy bum tights- the bootcut, high-waisted, and wide leg. With each of these styles, there are specific ways to wear them to look their best.

For the bootcut style, wear them as overall pants or as part of a mini skirt or dress. To get the high-waisted look, wear them as regular bum pants or as part of a crop top. For the wide-leg style, wear them as regular bum pants or as part of a cropped top with flared legs.

Start by pairing shorts or skirts that are made out of a stretchy fabric. Next, pull the tights up to create a scrunch on the bum. Wear a belt to hold everything in place and add an extra layer of glamour to the outfit. For a more daring look, you can also add high heels.

How To Wear Scrunched Bum Tights By Colour

  1. In a classic black and white combo, scrunch bum tights can be teamed with any outfit from a dress to jeans.
  2. For something more daring, try wearing them in bright colours like yellow or green to look trendy and different.
  3. If feeling more relaxed, pair them with all-black outfits for a more sophisticated vibe.
  4. One last option is to go for a more subtle look and go with shades of brown or grey. This will work well with any outfit in the closet.
  5. And finally, if confused about what to wear, it is positively recommended to try them with everything. They’re perfect for any occasion and can be paired with anything from skirts to dresses.

The importance of wearing tights as opposed to pants

There’s something special about tights. They can add a touch of glamour and edge to any outfit. Here are four tips on how to style scrunched bum tights for a real fashion statement:

  1. Wear them with high-waisted skirts or dresses. This will give the legs a boost and make them look longer.
  2. Add a pair of boots or booties to complete the look.
  3. Decorate tights with colourful accessories such as earrings or a necklace.
  4. Be creative and experiment with different shades, patterns and styles – there’s no wrong way to wear tights.

If looking for a fashion statement that will turn heads, then scrunched bum tights are the way to go. They look fantastic, and they also provide extra warmth on cold days. Learning how to style scrunched bum tights is always recommended for maximum impact.