Instagram VS Snapchat

When Instagram released a nearly identical version of Snapchat’s main features, Stories, the rivalry between these two major social networks began to sharpen. Over the course of the past year, Instagram has added disappearing face filters, location tags, stickers, drawing tools, and photo messages, resulting in fierce competition between the two.

But now, Instagram has eclipsed Snapchat in the number of active daily users. As the battle progresses, you are most likely wondering which of the two apps is better. You won’t have to break your head to find an answer.

Test 1: Stories

When looking at Stories on both platforms, we compare both products from a holistic point of view, rather than trying to compare individual features such as stickers, filters, and drawings.

We cared about what the overall user experience was like. I mean, was it easy to find the Stories feature within the app? Was it easy to move from one story to another without problems?


We definitely like how Instagram Stories appear at the top of the home screen. Also, new Stories can be seen as soon as the application is opened, which leads us to open them before scrolling through the feed.

The downside to Instagram Stories is the fact that they autoplay. What if you accidentally look at your ex-boyfriend’s story? This is a dangerous feature and makes it more difficult to view Stories on Instagram. Although you are going to use Instagram exclusively for work, this does not have to matter the least to you. You can also buy Instagram story views Australia on Instagram, as many Instagram users use this technique.


Snapchat, thankfully, seems to have removed autoplay for the time being. Having the option to choose the story you want to see is a bonus. The main drawback of Snapchat Stories is the fact that you have to swipe left to see them within the app. On the other hand, most people don’t feel as motivated to open Snapchat anymore because they only see their friends’ Stories. Therefore, the experiences of the users of the stories are almost identical. Photos and videos play automatically, or you can touch the screen to move to the next one. Tapping the left side of the screen will go back to the previous frame. The only important difference between uploading content to either application is that Snapchat allows you to choose the period of time during which someone can see an image, while Instagram does not.

However, the winner is … Instagram!

The extra glide to get to the story, plus the lack of additional engaging content on Snapchat, are the main causes.

Test 2: Direct Messaging


Disappearing photo and video messages are the bread and butter of Snapchat.

Snapchat has the advantage of simplicity: you send a message, someone looks at it, and it disappears. The same goes for direct messaging: the conversation stops on some messages, but if the conversation is closed or exits the app, those messages will also disappear. That’s a huge plus and what has made Snapchat so popular in recent years.

That said, Snapchat’s interface lacks sophistication. The colors are too flashy, the typeface is not fancy, and the various bubbles and colors for different types of messages look messy.


The direct messaging interface of Instagram is the one most often used for communication with clients or to answer questions about your products or services. Posts we see on Instagram are shared, product links are sent that pique interest and commented on in other people’s Stories. On the other hand, the interface is beautiful and well-integrated with other aspects of the application. That said, the direct messaging section of Instagram takes several clicks to navigate. 

And the winner is… Snapchat!

Sometimes you just can’t beat simplicity.

Test 3: Face Filters


Snapchat will always be the king of face filters. They were the first to design them in a fun and easy-to-use way, and they are still the best at creating new and creative filters. Face swapping is one of the hilarious creations in Snapchat history.

What puts Snapchat above is animations. The fact that the dog filter not only makes you look like a puppy but also gives you a dog’s tongue that can make sounds is just as surprising to a thirty-something as it is to a two-year-old. And this is because Snapchat understands that it is here to entertain and delight, which it achieves with its famous filters.


Instagram is still new to the face filter game, and it so obviously copies Snapchat in this regard, it’s almost embarrassing. And if we’re making a comparison, the dog face facial filter pales in comparison to Snapchat’s.

What Instagram has going for it is its artistic and design skill. While Snapchat has been accused of blatantly stealing designs from lesser-known artists, Instagram is more original in most of its designs, and they are better represented. Even the filter for dogs is more realistic and better looking than the one on Snapchat. In general, Instagram filters are less cartoonish. Its filters slim you down and take years off your life with just one click. This is something Instagram seems to shy away from, but it’s unclear if the app is taking an ethical stance or because it doesn’t have the technology.

In this particular case, it depends on the user’s preference. For a woman, the momentary gratification of looking significantly prettier than she is can be a lot of fun. Some users simply prefer the more realistic image that Instagram filters propose.

And the winner is…Snapchat! While Instagram will catch up soon, it is firmly in second place for now.

Test 4: Location Tags


This may seem like finding a tree in the forest, but it is one of the most used categories by users. The best thing about the Instagram location tag is how ridiculously easy it is to use. 

You choose it on screen, change the size, angle, location, or even color, and then decide exactly what you want the location to say.


Snapchat did everything about location first, and its initial attempts were just right. 

The problem is that people can now sponsor filters, which is why it is often necessary to scroll through several filters from other brands, to get one that does not have it. Another major drawback is that location filters are usually huge, and you can’t change their size or location on the screen. 

They are often difficult to use because they are covering a crucial part of the photos.

And the winner is…Instagram!

Test 5: Photo Stickers and Filters


Photo stickers and filters are a good example of quality over quantity. With Instagram, only a few filters and a handful of stickers will work for you. It’s simple, well-designed, and to the point. That said, Instagram doesn’t change its sticker selection very often.

This is an area where the application is not innovative, and there is still a lot of room for improvement.


The assortments of Snapchat stickers and filters are completely overwhelming. There are too many Bitmoji, too many emojis, and too many types of sparkles. The photo filters are fine, but there is nothing to write home about. It would seem like Snapchat has no rhyme or reason as to what stickers and filters it adds, making photo editing tools random, complicated at best, and confusing at worst.

And the winner is…None … not Instagram or Snapchat. You realize that users also monitor them, do better, boys, and say in our land.


Plus, Instagram has the added benefit that it was already a successful company before Snapchat emerged. Anything else Instagram adds now is purely an added bonus superimposed on its already massive hit app. Instagram has a more sophisticated and forward-thinking design and user experience, and while it is lagging behind Snapchat in some areas, it has already proven its worth.

But at the end of the day, the test of which of the two is better, or whether to choose Instagram or Snapchat, comes down to just one thing: how often is it used. The final proof is that most users open Instagram at almost any time of the day that they have free.

And Snapchat? Long ago, users used it at least once an hour. Now hopefully, once a week. Snapchat is doomed … at least for the moment.

And tell us, what do you think, Instagram or Snapchat?

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