Isabell Slim

Originally known as Jeremy Shemar Henderson from Winnsboro Louisiana, Isabell Slim is a modern hip-hop talented artist who is just 23 years old. With tens of thousands of worldwide rappers, Louisiana’s emerging artist is in a position to change the wave of hip-hop music with his identity as “Isabell”. He decided to make his way on contrary to those who just sit idle or use the money to get fame.

Starting Career of Isabell Slim

Isabell Slim never wanted to be a singer in his life. Initially, he started working at Sonic but that did not last long. He did not want to pay the College fee for he would end up trapped in debts. His friends around him rapped off and on; however, he did not know how to rap.

Finally, he got into the rap music industry by November 2016. According to him, he had never thought of entering this entirely new world unless his homeboys made him realize his talent. Since the age of 16, he has been recording his music with his unique voice, and exciting lyrics. He took baby steps before trying the big stuff that made him a professional rapper. He earned money from his streamlined videos that enhanced his confidence.

Isabell’s Passion for Music

Of course, you have to see hard times before becoming a known personality. Isabell Slim went through the same struggles that included the lack of support, lack of funds at a certain time to become e a rapper, loss of friends, family members, and a significant amount of time. However, in all such hard times, Isabell Slim never lost himself and dedicatedly followed his passion for music which brought him to this level. According to him, his greatest achievement was when he hit 80K on one of his songs on Spotify.

Some Famous Hits of Isabell Slim

Until now, Isabell Slim has amassed over 300000 streams digitally, and has been in the headlines of several major magazines in the world. Some of his famous tracks include “Get Money”, “Isabell Life”, “Get Rich”, “Big Slim Flow”, and “Built Like That”. His business did 100K on Spotify which sets him apart from other people for his maintaining work ethic. Currently, he is planning on releasing a new EP entitled “Isabell Stories”.

Isabell Slim is a Multitasker

Isabell Slim carries out an array of customer-related duties, takes all the precautions to follow the rules and regulations of Walmart, and pays 100% consideration to customer satisfaction.

Future Plans of Isabell Slim

Talking in one of his interviews, Isabell Slim’s plan is to work hard on creating his lane of income without having to work for another person physically. This will help him work with artists who have quite low budgets for their music.

Also, Isabell is working on getting verified on social media platforms such as Instagram, and Twitter before putting out more music content. This will help his fans find the authentic Isabell’s profile to entertain themselves from his content.