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Jennifer Lawrence isn’t holding back when it comes to discussing aging.

In a revealing chat with Kylie Jenner for Interview magazine, Jennifer Lawrence, the star of “No Hard Feelings” at 33, shares how her makeup routine has evolved over time.

“Makeup’s practically magic! I’ve been working with Hung [Vanngo], who’s like a wizard with the lip liner. He’s so good, people think I’ve had eye surgery,” Jennifer laughs.

Jennifer Lawrence
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But there’s more to it than just makeup for Jennifer. She gets real with Kylie, the brains behind Kylie Cosmetics, about her journey in the limelight.

“Starting out at 19, I see those ‘before and afters’ from then to now, and it’s just me growing up! My face naturally changed, but everyone’s convinced I got a nose job. Nope, same nose, just less baby fat,” Jennifer explains with a chuckle.

Kylie, resonating with Jennifer’s experience, adds her own thoughts.

“Take a look at me at 12 and now at 26 – of course, there’s a difference! My makeup game has changed. People throw around wild guesses like jaw shaving and eyelid surgery. Seriously?” Kylie shares, incredulous.

Jennifer Lawrence Talks Candidly About the Wonders
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For Kylie, her love affair with makeup wasn’t just a phase. It sparked the creation of Kylie Cosmetics, a journey that started from scratch.

“It was just me and my mom at first. We were clueless about starting a makeup line. My mom worried we’d be drowning in unsold lip kits forever,” Kylie recalls.

The success of her initial launch, however, turned the tables. Kylie and her mom hustled to make their brand even bigger and better.

“That launch was a dream come true. It was a thrilling ride, making everything come together,” Kylie reflects fondly.