When it comes to the Oscars, it’s not just about the awards – it’s also about the viral moments that capture our attention long after the show is over. And this year’s ceremony was no exception, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel and his hilariously exaggerated pronunciation of Rihanna’s name.

After Twitter users caught on to Kimmel’s quirky way of saying “Rihanna” repeatedly during the broadcast, the show’s producer, Molley McNearny, set the record straight. It turns out that we’ve been mispronouncing the singer’s name all along – the correct way to say it is “ree-ANN-uh,” not “ri-AH-nuh.”

But here’s the funny part: while Kimmel may have mispronounced Rihanna’s name, he was actually saying it the way it should be said, and the way Rihanna pronounces it herself. In fact, Kimmel is so obsessed with getting celebrities’ names right that he even studied and practiced saying everyone’s name correctly before the show.

According to McNearny, Kimmel saw a video of Rihanna saying her own name and decided to call her what she calls herself. And as it turns out, there’s a production staffer whose job is to research the correct pronunciations of celebrities’ names – and they found a video of Rihanna saying her name on camera, confirming that Kimmel had it right all along.

Of course, Kimmel’s exaggerated pronunciation of Rihanna’s name made for a funny moment that had everyone talking. But as McNearny pointed out, now America knows the correct way to say Rihanna’s name – even if they still won’t believe Kimmel got it right! Check out this video of Rihanna saying her own name to hear it straight from the source:

So there you have it – thanks to Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious revelation, we can all pronounce Rihanna’s name correctly from now on!