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“Sharing as a proud mom while respecting their privacy,” says the acclaimed actress.

Julia Roberts, known for her selectiveness in posting family photos, made an exception for a special occasion: her twins’ 19th birthday.

Roberts, 56, shared her thoughts with Extra, saying, “Birthdays are a celebration, and Instagram is a place for sharing those joyful moments. I stumbled upon this adorable photo and wanted to share my pride as a mom, without compromising their privacy.”

On November 28, the Erin Brockovich star posted a throwback picture of her twins, Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus Walter, as babies, nestled in her arms.

“✨✨19✨✨ Celebrating the joy, fun, and the wild adventure of life together 💕,” she captioned the heartwarming image.

Roberts is also a proud parent to Henry Daniel, 16, with her husband Danny Moder.

Julia Roberts Opens
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In her Extra interview, where she appeared alongside Mahershala Ali to talk about their new Netflix film, Leave the World Behind, Roberts delved into the plot involving a massive tech failure during a global crisis. She humorously noted that a scenario of being housebound with kids and no gadgets “sounds like fun” to her.

She reflected on her children’s minimal dependence on technology, yearning for times when communication wasn’t as instant and constant.

“I miss those days when you weren’t reachable all the time. It brings families together at dinner with real conversations, without having been in touch non-stop,” she said.

Julia Roberts Opens Up About Sharing a Precious Moment
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Roberts also offered a glimpse into her family dynamics during a conversation with Hoda Kotb on Today.

Expressing gratitude, she said, “I deeply appreciate how my older kids still let me mother them without any eye rolls. They understand and respect that I care the same way, whether we’re together or apart. I’m always checking in – ‘Are you sleeping well? Do you need tea? Text me when you’re home.’”

In a previous CBS Sunday Morning appearance, Roberts spoke of prioritizing her family life and how it has influenced her career choices in recent years.

“The life I’ve built with my husband and our children is my greatest achievement. Coming home to them is the ultimate triumph,” she shared.

Leave the World Behind is set to premiere on Netflix this Friday.

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